Does Akinyemi Obe want to kill Victor Olaiya?

Senior citizen Victor Olaiya needs the help of Nigerians,  and it’s very real. This is as a result of threats being metted out to the legendary highlife musician by the chairman of Coker Aguda Local Council Development Authority  Akinyemi Obe.

According to a reliable source, the LCDA chairman has been threatening elder Olaiya for months over a street named after the musician, saying the musician must pay a staggering amount if the name of the street should remain as it was even before Obe was born.

Insiders say Obe is executing a clandestine agenda to remain the street with a friend of his who has promised to make a huge payment.

Flashy Obe, who is a notorious home breaker but was not born when Olaiya started singing once told some people that she does not care about the age of the man in question.

To carry out her threat, the chairman ordered his staff to execute the notice from Coker Aguda LCDA to be  pasted on Sir Victor Olaiya’s house on Victor Olaiya Street Aguda Surulere.

The notice is  threatening to revoke street named after the musical legend and reallocate to any other interested and paying resident on the street except the Olaiya family pays up.

As a follow up to the threat, one Hon Foaud kept calling from the LCDA on the instruction of Mrs Akinyemi Obe making threats just before new year.

Meanwhile Sir Victor Olaiya who will be 90 this year is a recluse in his house, bed ridden and rarely sees sunlight.

Concerned residents told this morning that Obe is insensitive and ot is unfortunate that a senior citizen in tye person of Olaiya could be treated in such manner.

Meanwhile it was gathered that musicians are planning a walk against her at an LCDA that is slipping away from APC. And election is less that 2 months.


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