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21 prophecies of Primate Ayodele that came to pass in 2020


Usually, whenever we are going into a new year, it has become a culture for spiritual leaders, most especially church leaders to give prophecies on what will happen in the year we are going to.

It is very common in Nigeria, these prophecies serve as guidance to their members and followers at large, it also serves as a direction for government of nations.

In this culture of giving new year prophecies, one of the men of God that initiated and continued in it is Primate Ayodele, a very popular prophet and the leader Of INRI Evangelical spiritual church in Nigeria.

Year in, Year out, Primate Ayodele has proven to be one who truly hears from God with the accuracy and consistency of his prophecies, not about Nigeria alone, but about the world as a whole.

In 2019, He gave some prophecies about 2020, and still foretold events in 2020.

Below are 21 notable ones among the many that has come to pass:

1 Coming of COVID-19: Primate Ayodele held a press conference on December 24th , 2019 where he called several media organisations to release the prophecies for the following year. Among these prophecies was a statement where he said He foresees a global disaster, He then warned that the world need to pray against disorderliness. Few months after that, Covid-19 set in to the global system and put the whole world into disorderliness for many months, some countries are yet to recover from it.

2 Donald Trump’s Defeat: During this press conference, Primate Ayodele rightly noted that Donald Trump will survive an impeachment threat but will have issues having a second term. Primate Ayodele also said then that the candidate that will defeat Donald Trump is Joe Biden, while urging the democratic party to choose him. As it is now, even though Donald Trump has not conceded, Joe Biden won the election with a landslide victory even though Donald Trump survived an impeachment move, as primate ayodele predicted

3 BREXIT: On December 24th, Primate Ayodele gave also stated that He foresees that the united Kingdom will pull out of European union. In January 2020, it came to pass as the man of God had said

4 Gang up against Mali President: Primate Ayodele also said on that day that there will be a gang up against Mali President and that the country should pray against protest. We all saw how the Mali president was ousted by the military in a coup. There was also a wide protest in the country against the president.

5 Killings In Nigeria: Primate Ayodele fearfully noted that Nigerians needs to pray because he foresees incessant killings in the country. In Nigeria today, 2020 has been a year where so many were killed by bandits and terrorism unlike other years.

6 Death In Aso rock: Primate Ayodele also revealed that we should pray against death in the villa because he foresees death there. Unfortunately, it seems those in power didn’t pay attention. Few months after he said this, the chief of staff to the president, Abba Kyari died of Covid-19, Isa Funtua also died, A staff of the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari also died, confirming Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

7 Betrayal Of Tinubu: Primate Ayodele revealed that in 2020, the national leader of the APC will be betrayed. This prophecy was unbelievable until it happened. The APC at the moment is struggling because there are several games going on against the national leader. The national chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole was removed, despite the fact that He has the backing of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, several things have happened that has confirmed Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

8 Reccession: Primate Ayodele revealed in his 2020 Prophecies that Nigeria should pray so that they will not experience recession and some measures that will lead to recession. As he has said, the federal government few weeks ago announced that Nigeria is in serious recession and might not recover till the first quarter of 2021.

9 Death of a former governor: Primate Ayodele also said that Nigeria should pray against the death of a former civilian governor. In 2020, Balarabe Musa, a former Kaduna Governor died.

10 Death Of Prominent People Due To COVID-19: After Primate Ayodele rightly predicted that Covid-19 will be coming to Nigeria, The man of God said that the virus is out to kill influential and popular people in the world and Nigeria wasn’t an exception. Just few weeks after He said this, Abba Kyari died, later, Abiola Ajimobi, Senator Bayo Osinowo, Sen. Buruji Kashamu, An army general who died few days ago, to mention a few.

11 Gov. Obaseki’s Victory: Even when it seems like it will never happen, Primate Ayodele boldly made it known that Governor Godwin Obaseki will have a second term even when He was still in APC. Although Primate Ayodele predicted the power tussle between Godwin Obaseki and his predecessor, Adams Oshiomhole, but he noted that the governor will succeed.

The governor was crafted out of the APC Primaries, and all hope seem lost for Primate Ayodele’s prophecy to come to pass but The prophet still insisted that His prophecy will come to pass because that’s what God showed him. Shockingly, against all odds, Governor Obaseki became the winner of the election.

12 Sack Of Adams Oshiomhole: Primate Ayodele warned Adams Oshiomhole against fighting Godwin Obaseki or else He might not see 2021 as the national chairman of APC, just few days after Godwin Obaseki was screened out of the APC Primaries, the court sacked Adams Oshiomhole as the National chairman. Now, Godwin Obaseki remains governor, but Adams Oshiomhole remains a former chairman who didn’t finish his term.

13 Gov. Akeredolu’s Victory: Primate Ayodele also made it known that Governor Akeredolu will become victorious at the election polls. Although his prophecy about this was totally misunderstood, Primate Ayodele said Akeredolu will win the election, although he wont get the people’s mandate. We all saw what played out in Ondo state, the people clearly didn’t want him but the power of incumbency helped him retain it.

14 Removal Of State Assembly Speakers: Primate Ayodele also prophesied that some state assembly speakers will be removed from their post as speaker in 2020. As he said it, Imo state House of assembly speaker was removed recently, Edo house of assembly speaker was removed, Gombe house of assembly speaker was removed too.

15 Attack On Governor’s Convoy: The popular prophet also said that He foresees an attack on the convoy of some governors and that Governors should pray to escape death and accident. He also said He foresee that some governor’s convoy will be stoned. It was reported some months ago that the governor of Borno state was attacked by Boko Haram who almost killed him. The governor had to lie done on the floor, some policemen attached to him died in the attack.

During the endsars protest too, the convoy of the governor of Osun state, Gboyega Oyetola was stoned and attack.

16 Police reform: In his annual book of prophecy released in August, Primate Ayodele said He foresees that SARS will be disbanded and that there will be reforms in the Nigerian police. As he said it, there was a massive protest against the SARS and they were disbanded, there are reforms going on in the police too at the moment

17 Dethronement Of Traditional ruler: The leading Prophet revealed that He foresees that a traditional ruler will be dethroned and that we should pray that no king is dethroned. It is no more news that the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido was dethroned in what seems to be the most shocking even of the year. He also said we should pray against fire outbreak in any palace, just as he said it , there was fire outbreak in the palace of Ooni of ife few months ago

18 Death In Sport Sector: In recent times, the sport sector of the world has recorded some death, a football legend, Diego Maradona Died, A former south African defender died in a car accident few weeks ago.

19 CAF President Scandal: In his annual book of Prophecy, Primate Ayodele made it known that the CAF President will face some corruption charges in his tenure. Mr Ahmad Ahmad was banned by FIFA for five years for corruption charges.

20 United Nations Crisis: Primate Ayodele revealed that the United nations will have crisis in 2020. This came to pass as the United states withdrew support from them.

21 Death Of Former Ghana President: In annual book of prophecy which was released in August, Primate Ayodele wrote that Ghana needs to pray against the death of a former president of the country. As he said, a former president, JJ Rawlings was said to have died some months ago.

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