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Elozonam, Ehiz, Sammy Walsh, others discuss the unspoken rules of dating on MTV Base Guy Code


The seventh episode of MTV Base Guy Code with support from LG and Glenfiddich is here with some of our faves including MTV Base VJs Ehiz, Sammy Walsh and Nenny B. as well as BBNaija’s Elozonam and actor Ninolowo, discussing some of the unspoken rules of dating.

They broke down everything from paying on the first date to TV time, to celebrities they’ll love to ‘smash’ and catching feelings.

Answering the question “what makes you catch feelings?” Ehiz says it’s the smile, the body, the character and just about anything. STG says attention makes him catch feelings because he loves the attention from his woman.

When asked if ‘catching feelings’ and ‘love’ meant the same thing, Elozonam says the latter is sacrifice while the former is more like an interest or someone whose company you enjoy. Hot FM OAP Olanrewaju believes that ‘catching feelings’ means you’re on your way to falling in love, so it’s the same thing.

Ever wondered what a ‘Spec’ means? Well, according to Ehiz, it’s a guide to what you want from the opposite sex. Elozonam explains that a spec means your type, but a ‘whole spec’ means someone who meets all your expectations. Ninolowo says all you need to know his spec, is to take a look at his wife.

When the ladies were asked the celebrities they’d smash, Nenny-B says she’s in love with Drake and Sammy Walsh says she will smash Idris Elba all day every day. The guys, on the other hand, had a long list of female celebrities they’d want to smash.

What are the unspoken rules of dating? STG says you don’t kiss and tell, whatever happens between both of you stays between both of you. According to Sammy Walsh and Nenny-B, a guy should be faithful to his lady except it was stated from the beginning that it is an open relationship. Ninolowo says you don’t introduce them to your mum until you are sure. “Do not use your girl’s towel,” Ehiz adds.

This episode, like the ones before it, is full of gems and you absolutely do not want to miss it. Tune in to MTV Base, DSTV channel 322 at 9 PM on Sunday, December 20th to catch it. For more on this week’s episode, follow @mtvbasewest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can join the conversation on social media with #MTVBaseGuyCode.

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