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Buhari is problem of Nigeria’s security, Tinubu will never be president, Igbo man cannot be president un 2023; see more shocking 2021 prophesies released by Primate Ayodele (full list)


Primate Ayodele, the leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has released a series of shocking prophecies for 2021.

According to the 2021 prophecy leaflet made available to on Tuesday, the cleric revealed what God told him about President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria, Igbos, Tinubu, Aso Villa, the National Assembly, and other topical issues.

According to the Primate, “Buhari is the problem of Nigeria’s security. He is a disgrace to us. He doesn’t take the lives of Nigerians serious. They are only ruling animals with Buratai showing off with python and Buhari is only after his cows.

He should resign. I’m not afraid to speak up. This is because I do not belong to any political party. Until they detect the people actually disturbing the security of this nation which is the Miyetti Allah. Miyetti Allah group should be proscribed as a terrorist group,” he said.

Primate Ayodele further revealed that top politician, Bola Tinubu should forget his ambition of becoming the president of this country, “Tinubu should relax and concentrate on holding on to Lagos.

People should stop deceiving him to think he will become the president because that will never happen. He should rather hold Lagos very well by holding on to Sanwo Olu and allow him to go for second term.”

He equally warned the Igbo’s to forget 2023 Presidential slot. “Igbos should forget about the presidency in 2023. I don’t see any Igbo man becoming the president of this country, they should just forget it”, he warned.

According to the 2021 prophecy leaflet made available to on Tuesday, the cleric said, “2023 Presidency will elude the Igbos”.

See full list of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies for 2021:

I foresee that many things will come up in Nigeria in 2021. The Country and the Citizens will be so worried about those things. I foresee that the situation in the country in 2021 will better than the year 2020. I foresee mixed blessings and of course there will be bad news that will come in various dimensions. The spirit of God says our government will not be able to perform to the expectation of the citizens. The spirit of God says the first three weeks of the month of January need lots of prayers because of the incidents that will be happening. I foresee that the next three months of the year beginning from February to April need serious attention from the government and all the stakeholders in our country.  I foresee that the things that will be happening will be quite alarming; namely in the Stock market, the Economy in general, Security, the Health sector and other areas where the experiences will be traumatic. These occurrences will affect the different policies of the government. The spirit of God says in the year 2021 we have to be very prayerful.

I foresee that it is a year in which the people will express their grievances through aggression. I am not seeing very peaceful atmosphere in the nation. The problems will be fluctuating and the rich will be mostly affected. The spirit of God says the rich and the poor will cry. I foresee that the year will be the year of the Lord in which the people will humble themselves before the Almighty God this will be consequent upon the so many adversities that will happen. I foresee that many things considered unexpected will happen; it is a year of tears and happiness. I foresee certain conflicts in which God will help His people out. I recommend that by January 14, 7 days of fasting be declared for us to scale through so many things that will happen.

There will be cases of collapsed bridges in Nigeria. The 4th Mainland Bridge and 2nd Niger Bridge will come into actualization.
The International community will assist Nigeria in combating the Boko Haram. But there will be politics; the Government will be paying the Boko Haram.

The Buhari Government will face so many challenges and the people will criticize them. The people will not like the Government.  The Buhari Government will not be popular towards the end of his tenure. There will be several deaths in Nigeria, which will make people point accusing finger at the Buhari’s government.
The government will fail to deliver on most of its campaign promises. There will be corruption in Nigerian Population Commission.

The people will protest against Buhari and call him different names. Buhari will disappoint many people as he will not be able to steer the ship of his government appropriately. The Buhari Government will witness a lot of setbacks in terms of security, economy and unfulfilled promises. These will cause divisions in the ruling party. Buhari will disappoint a lot of his followers. The cabals will take over the Buhari Government.

I foresee kidnappings in the Aso Rock. The Villa needs cleansing because there will be fights in the villa. I foresee that some important documents will leak out of the Villa. There will be Classified Official leakages from the Villa. Let’s pray not to lose anybody in the Villa. Aso Villa must be fortified against attacks. There will be speculations of attacks in the villa. Protests will be directed at the Aso Villa because protocols will be broken.

Nigeria and Buhari government
I foresee a lot of loopholes in the Buhari Government that will disqualify all efforts the government might have been making for the past years.

There will be clash in the house. I foresee senators engaging in physical combat. A mace will be stolen in the House of Assembly in one of the states in Nigeria.

The Buhari Government will lose focus and Buhari himself will not understand the rules and how to steer the reins of the government. Buhari will be sick. But they will be shielding it from public knowledge to protect him. Buhari will be incapable of so many things. Buhari will be unfit; the cause of the sickness will be his inability to direct the affairs of the country that is what the Lord reveals to me.

God revealed that the cause of the Boko Haram insurgency is attitudes of the top hierarchy in the government. They have turned the Boko Haram matter to a flourishing business. Military can arrest Boko Haram, but both Military and Government are beginning to be interested in Boko Haram’s negotiation. Government have paid large sums of money as ransom to the jihadists. I’m seeing so many things surroundings Boko Haram, only God can save us. Shekarau days are numbered which is the reason why all these kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen and Meyatti Allah association members are categorized as a terrorist group because they are giving the people problems, they harm and inflicts injuries on the innocents. I foresee that very soon they will see the anger of God and those in government who have caused people a lot of untold hardship.

Boko Haram is operating in every part of Nigeria there is no doubt. The international community will still get involved to help Nigeria fight the war of Boko Haram and those government officials shall face the wrath of God. The government and the security agent know the truth but they can’t come out and tell the truth to the world. There will be so many leakages about all these irregular acts. Boko Haram will still do a very deadly attack which will make everybody to stand on their toes.The issue of security will make people become aggressive and protest over it.

There will be problems between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers because the herdsmen will destroy some farm products. Going to steal and cause destruction on some farm lands. There will be a serious attack on farmers in the Northern and Eastern parts of Nigeria. God revealed to me that some of these herdsmen are used for a purpose which will still be revealed.

The Nigeria government will want to ban social media activities which people will be going aggressively against. The plans of the government will not work. Government wants to make social media difficult; this will fail the government because people will resist it.

I foresee that the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation will no longer be considered as a political appointment. So the SFG must be careful in the year because it will face some challenges.

Osibajo will try to put things together. Osibajo’s enemies will come up with allegations as they want to bring continuous troubles to him but he will overcome. Osibajo needs to be more prayerful because they want to implicate or indict him. The cabal in this government will fail in all their anticipations. The office of Osibanjo must be very careful.

There will be misunderstandings in the Governors’ Forum; therefore, they should be careful about their activities. There is a big gang up against the Chairman of the Governors’ Forum

In APC Governors’ Forum, there will be divisions and misinterpretation of words and situations. They will be having different takes on issues.

Both parties the APC and the PDP will not respect the gentleman agreement in their zoning of the office of the President. There will be hidden agenda that will work against zoning of offices. The zoning will not be realistic and apart from this, there will be so many arguments against this zoning and that is how the presidency will elude the Igbos in 2023. Those that are aspiring for the presidency among the Igbos will fall midway. Meanwhile a strong group will come up to be speaking loudly for Igbo presidency. They will want to bring the best candidates out of the candidates of each party.

These are the states in Nigeria that will have political tension: Imo, Abia, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Ekiti, Oyo and Anambra.

Lets pray in Nigeria for God’s protection so that no Governor’s convoy, Minister’s convoy will be attacked or involved in an accident.

Let’s pray so we don’t see record the death of a Governor, a one time Governor, a Minister, Publisher, a Professor, a one-time President, and an Elder statesman. I foresee that two Speakers will be removed and also a Deputy Speaker will be impeached.

Parts of some States will not be secured: Lagos, Abia, Rivers, Cross River, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Borno, Plateau and Benue states. The trouble of Southern Kaduna Crisis will come up in the year.

The Attorney General will be making all sorts of effort, yet the office will be indicted and they will take wrong steps on some legal issues.

If the PDP wants to win they must put so many things in place. The PDP needs to re-strategize and pick the right Candidate, a very sensible candidate and of course, the PDP should use the APC weakness to weaken them but PDP will be having a lot of wranglings because of selfish interests. This may rock the party to fall in 2023. APC needs total repackaging.

There is going to be more problems for PDP because some of them will be cross carpeting and the APC have to capitalize on their strong points because so many faults will  be found with this Government; if not, this Government will be frustrated.

I foresee that Local Council Development Areas will be created in many states in Nigeria. so as to bring democrat practices nearer to the grass-root and promote rural development.

The spirit of God says that some State SSG will be removed.

The Anambra Election in 2021 will be very tough; there will be a lot of electioneering tension that will come up. The major contestants will be from PDP and APGA.

There will be internal wranglings that will rock APGA. They will want to confuse the Governor, if the Governor does not produce a good candidate and settle the factions in the Party. Any candidate that he supports will be removed at the Supreme Court. The PDP stands a very clearer chance, if only they put their house in order.

The only way APC can win is to ensure that APGA and PDP are not settled. APC should go and work as a team. The APC will use their weaknesses to win. There will be a lot of ways that amount to different riggings in the election.

I foresee that the Nigerian government owned Refineries will go down. I foresee that the Dangote Refinery and petrochemicals company will come up to sustain the country but it will be having so many troubles and issues.

Nigeria must be prayerful not to lose any ambassador. Government will fight Okada riders and tricycle operators. They will now introduce new means of transportation by the Lagos state government and some state will also ban okada completely.
I foresee that bandits will still kidnap some children and kill youth.  Lets pray against bird flu that will kill a lot of fowls.
Governor’s convoy will be attacked by bandits. A Governor will escape an assassination attack. It may not be in 2021 but there will be Electoral Amendments and Constitutional Reforms.

The Government will construct a lot of road and other infrastructure and they will likely bring back Toll Gates. Nigeria should pray against environmental pollution.  There will be a new digitalized Port because the Nigerian Port will cost Nigeria a lot of money. I foresee a major attack in Abuja.

Armed bandits will attack churches and will kidnap church leaders and there will be political assassination. Let us pray against the death of a Local Government Chairman in Niger state. Some Local Government chairmen will be suspended. Let us pray against the death of a Local Government Chairman in River state, Lagos state and Ogun State. Some PDP chairmen will be sacked in Osun, Lagos, Oyo, Enugu, Abia, Imo, Sokoto, Kebbi and Jigawa. A lot of desperate Okada riders will die midway. Government and International community will take issues of desperate riders serious because of the dangers involved. COVID 19 will kill a Health Minister and a commissioner. The Nigeria government server and some banks server will be hacked.

Until Nigeria government restructures the government properly, Nigeria currency will be fluctuating; it will be having problems with dollar

I foresee the death of a senator, the death of an honorable and the death of house of assembly member.

Some APC chairmen will be sacked in Oyo, Ekiti, Abia, Cross River, Benue, Bauchi and Plateau. All these will have a factional party leader

The Igbo and even the Ohaneze will betray themselves, the Arewa will team up towards 2023 strongly.  Governor Obaseki will face challenges even as there will be problems between Obeseki and PDP.  Obaseki will disappoint the PDP. The Deputy Governor and Governor needs prayers because of unnecessary misunderstanding that will cause leakage in Obaseki’s government. The Governor and the deputy needs prayers for understanding.

All manipulation acivities will fail as the PDP man will claim victory.
let us pray against a serious sickness of a judge in supreme court and the court of appeal.

Corruption will hit buhari’s government but so many people in the government will be indicted. Buhari’s aides and minister be accused of corruption. Let’s pray against the death of a former Presidential Candidate and a former governorship aspirant.

The spirit of God says the PDP BOT members must pray against death while the APC BOT members  should pray not to lose or see any of their BOT members falling sick. Some Judges will be send out because of false alarm.

I foresee that not all Speaker and Chief Whip in the Legislative Arm of our government will finish their term.

Government will rehabilitate many of the Almajiri’s, take proper care of them and re-orientate them.

PDP Governors
PDP Governors will fail to understand so many things due to rancor among them and this will affect the fortunes of the Party.

APC Governors
The APC Governors will have division because of selfish interests and this will cause so much rancor.

Except opposition gets a candidate who can unseat Oyetola, I’m not seeing anyone unseating him.

In Osun state, APC must pray not to lose any prominent person, as they will affect the government. The government may be bereaved.

The only way APC can retain the seat is to find a candidate within, otherwise PDP will take over. Many big candidates will be disappointed in Ekiti state.

Some Traditional rulers will be removed by court. Let’s pray against fire outbreak, assassination and attacks in any of the palaces of our Emirs or Kings. Some kings will face challenges. Some traditional rulers need to work out things. Some government will want to remove some traditional rulers. Government will want to take traditional institution for granted. There won’t be too much unity among the traditional rulers. Some big traditional rulers will go round to unite traditional rulers to promote harmony. The government and traditional rulers will have issues.

Let us pray for the following Kings and Emir for divine protection and good health:


There will be demolition of markets in some states of the federation. We have to pray against fire in the major markets in Bayelsa, Abia, Sokoto, Kano, Lagos, Oyo and Ondo state. Let us pray not to lose any Market Head, President and leaders in markets. Some markets may protest, some may shutdown because of environmental troubles. ome markets will be shut down, Ariaria Market in Aba, Onitsha International Market, Alaba International Market. Let’s pray against fire outbreaks in some markets.

The spirit of God says Nigeria and the global world need prayers to avert recurrent deaths, economic confusion, natural disasters and harsh climatic occurrences. There will be new developments in technological innovations. I foresee and increase in crime waves. I foresee people will develop various means of committing criminal acts. The spirit of God says some people will cry while others will smile. I foresee that the year 2021 will be rough at the beginning but towards the end it will be better. Explosions, Bomb blast and bomb scare, Fire outbreaks, Accidents, imbalance in economic equations, fighting and wars and epidemics will be the major characteristics of the year 2021.

I foresee that the Militants will become problematic again. There will be Insecurity, Poverty, Famine and Economic Recession. We must be prayerful about boats capsizing, cases of collapsed buildings and some reoccurrences of Ebola and Lassa fever which will come up in some parts of Africa. I foresee that there will be fighting, even in Nigeria.

I foresee that the people will quarrel with their Governments in many countries especially the people will be at loggerhead with the Nigerian Government. There will be speculations about the leadership in Nigeria especially at the center. I foresee attacks in Churches and Mosques. The spirit of God says there will be ethnic crises and changes in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources of the land. I foresee threats from one country to another and these will be rife. There will be border problems and many other unpleasant developments. For these reasons, you are enjoined to join us in fervent prayers for divine intervention so that peace can reign in the World.  As things are, I have not seen peace reigning supreme in the World at large.

The Spirit of God says there will be changes in our climatic condition. The spirit of the Lord says Climatic conditions will run down the activities of some countries. The Climatic conditions will give the World Leaders problems that will culminate in very unpleasant situations. Climatic conditions will hit the world so hard such that it will make the world leaders run helter skelter, attending meetings upon meetings. I foresee that Climatic conditions will stop so many things and even affect the economy of nations.

In 2021, I foresee that Corona Virus is still going to affect so many people in Africa and the European nations despite the Vaccine. The Vaccine will work effectively and there will be more Vaccines that will curb the infection. Corona virus will spread more at the latter part of the year but it will start subsiding from the month of August.

Joe Biden Government will make peace with other countries to bring success and happiness. Joe Biden Government will reform so many things in America. Some countries that are having issues with America will come up with different opportunities for stability.

Lets us pray against plane crash or any plane crash-landing. Let us rebuke a situation where the airplane will over shot its run way. Let’s pray against a jet crash or helicopter crash landing.

Let’s pray against sea wreckage like boats capsizing or attacks on any ship.
I foresee that some crude Oil carrying vessels will be hijacked in the international waters.

There will be train derailment or train crash. Apart from this, in Africa there will be a military threat.

Africa will lose a prominent person. Let’s pray against the death of a prominent Islamic scholar. Let’s pray against ethnic crises, and unexpected killings. Let’s pray against earth tremors and earthquakes.

The following Africa countries need to be watchful and security conscious because of tension, disorderliness, unnecessary political crisis,  there will be protests against their Governments: Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Benin Republic, Ethiopia, Mozambique,  Algeria, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Mali, Central Republic of Africa, Cameroon, Liberia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Guinea (Conakry), Guinea Bissau. Africa will borrow a lot of money.

There will be the outbreak of a major sickness, which will emerge from Africa that will affect a lot of African Nations; it may not be now but in the nearest future.

Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Yemen, these countries must be very careful because there will be hunger, tension, poverty and troubles in these countries, which will affect their Governments.

Some Countries in Africa will have water borne disease. Some Africa countries will lack hygienic water. Some countries in Africa will change their currencies.
Lets us pray that we don’t see any serving president or Prime Minister dying in office.
There will be protests in the following countries: Spain, UK, France, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Russia, Benin republic, Ghana, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal and Kuwait.

Let’s pray not to lose a one-time president and a sitting President. Let’s pray against uprising and pray so that a president will not be jailed. A serving minister will resign.
Let’s pray against Genocide in Africa. There will be high temperature in Europe.
There will be death and attacks on miners in some African country. The Nigeria government will fight illegal miners. Let us pray against any catastrophe, bad weather, volcanic eruption and hurricane in the world at large that will make people homeless. Saudi Prince must pray not to lose anybody.

Prince Charles must be watchful of his health and God will protect his life as the Queen will fall sick.

The Pope of the Catholic Church needs prayers. American bases will be attacked, American Embassy must be careful against attacks.

There will be no agreeable terms yet which will be foot dragging. And if there is any agreeable terms now, there will still be a kind of review on this terms.

Let’s pray against the death of a former Governor, Journalist, a present Coach, a one-time coach in Nigeria and in The English Premiership league.

The world should pray against environmental pollution that will cause a major disease. A major disease is coming 20 years time that will be caused by air pollution. Ghana will lose a trustee in the year. I foresee there will be a major bomb blast in America that will kill many lives.

Russian commission and PIA will be reaffirmed. There will be serious wave that will cause destruction of properties and thunder strike.

Let us pray against sickness of a sitting president, governor or prime minister in Nigeria or Africa at large.

Let’s pray not to lose any member of the Judiciary. Let us pray so there won’t be the removal of Chief Judges at any level.  Let’s pray against the death of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). Corruption will face the Judiciary. Let’s pray against setting any court ablaze. I foresee that Lawyers will clamour for the acceleration of judgments, says the Lord.

They will review some legal issues and they will petition the Attorney General of the Federation.

Let’s pray not to lose any Telecom Guru and some Communication Companies will lose some of their staffs. Let us pray against fire outbreak in any one of these Telecommunication Companies: 9Mobile and MTN. They will have challenges from the government and are going to experience problems. The Government will focus on Telecommunication Companies. Let us pray against attack or fire outbreak in any network. MTN will get a new leadership likewise 9mobile network.

This GSM service provide will face some challenges. MTN will retire some of their staffs. This will cause problem and their service will start fluctuating. MTN will introduce new products and customers will become angry with MTN because of their fluctuating network service. Their Masts and Servers will be attacked.

Some Provosts will be removed. Let us pray against the death of a Vice Chancellor. A Vice Chancellor and a Rector will be suspended and some lecturers that are not disciplined will be exposed.

Let’s pray against fire outbreak in some Polytechnics. Let’s pray so that no secondary school principal will be indicted. A Vice Chancellor must be prayerful so that he will not be attacked or killed

There will be some fake COVID 19 Vaccines. A Chief Medical Director will be removed. Nigeria will also produce her own COVID 19 Vaccine. Let us pray against fire outbreak in any hospital or mortuary in Nigeria. Let us pray against hoodlums attacking hospitals

Churches and Mosques
Let us pray against religious crisis. Let’s pray against attacks in the Churches and Mosques in Nigeria. Let’s pray against the killing of people inside the church or other places of worship.  Catholic should pray very well for God’s protection on the Clergy. Cherubim and Seraph will lose a very prominent Baba Aladura. Let us pray against the death of an Anglican Bishop.

Crisis and Mayhem
The spirit of God says this country needs prayers. I foresee crisis and acts of disorderliness in the country. Lets us pray very well against the killing of a lecturer. Let’s pray against the kidnapping of a King or an Emir. An Emir must pray against assassination. Let us pray against the killing of a king and the killing of Pastors. I foresee there will be religious problems in the country.

Let’s pray against death among Nollywood and Hollywood artistes. Hip-pop artistes should pray against accident. Let’s pray against death of a Fuji and Highlife musician. Let’s pray against the death of a veteran artist

Nigeria government will be having problem with water system and Lagos will spend a lot of money on water

Some Media houses will face challenges. Lets us pray against fire outbreaks in some media houses. Let us pray because some Media houses may lose some of their staffs. Some Media houses might be sued of fake news. We have to pray against the death of a Media house guru in the year 2021.

Government will need to do a lot of things because they will change their way of defrauding the white.


There will be a new election in Sudan. Sudan needs to pray against attack. Sudan will have the support of America government. There will be new government in Sudan. Sudan development will be misguided. There will still be poverty in the country and the government will be corrupt.

There will be militant attack in South Sudan. The country will face multi-various challenges. There will be a new government in South Sudan. The present government will put structures in place to ensure all things are working well as expected.

There will be a terrorist threat in UK and they must be careful of unexpected killings in the country. Boris Johnson Brexit will not hit the target as expected.  There will be a major protest in England

There will be problems in Japan. There will be earthquake. There will be cyclone in the country. They will review their Immigration laws. The country will fight corrupt leaders and put them to death by hanging.

There will be preparations for an election and efforts to pick a leader. Apart from this there will be a military threat in the African country.

There will be an election there.

There will be election in the Central Africa Republic. I foresee that some of this election will call for the presence of the International election observers. They will experience a lot of security challenge. This country needs prayers

Niger republic President must be careful of terrorist attack. Niger will get more investors and will make progress.

The Chadian Military will arrest some Boko Haram insurgent and Chad will get more investors

Kenya needs to re-strategize in order to unseat the present government. Let us pray terrorist attack in Kenya.  There will be General  election in Kenya thus the ruling party must work harder in order to win. The coming Presidential election in Kenya will cause a lot of crisis as the supporters of the Opposition and the ruling party will be at loggerhead.

The spirit of God says in the coming election in Uganda the ruling party must work hard for it to win and remain in office.  I foresee that the Opposition will cause troubles for the President. if the President should win the Opposition will describe the election as fradulent

This country will be attacked. The attack will affect the President.

There will be uprising and killing of Foreigners in South Africa.

In Gabon I’m seeing disorderliness with intent to frustrate the present government. There will be a strong opposition that will be fighting the Gabonese government.

Libya will conduct a new election

There will be a major attack on Egypt oil facility

Saudi oil facility will be attacked and the oil tank will be seized

There will be a major bomb blast that will kill government official

There will be protests in India. There will be a major disaster which will make the country sober.

The country should pray against the death of a one time leader

Israel must be careful about attacks. Israel and Palestine matter will come up.

The spirit of God says there will be water pollution in the country. The economy will be in very bad shape.  The Opposition will fight the ruling party. I foresee that the President will be blackmailed in different ways. The party will gang up against the President.  Poverty will be so rampant in Zimbabwe that people will find it difficult to feed.  There will be killings in the country.


I foresee there will always be cracks in the economy of our country Nigeria and some other parts of the World. Nigerians will struggle to live in comfort but many of the Governors will not be able to pay the workers’ salaries as at when due, due largely to the unpleasant occurrences.
The spirit of God says the Nigerian economy will not be as buoyant as expected due to the economic eclipse. The Central Bank of Nigeria will battle aggressively with the economy. Most of the Governments in developing world will seek for bail out from the Chinese government. I foresee that in the next 15 years the economy of some States (Nations) will collapse completely. Even I foresee that economically viable states in Nigeria will be affected.

Also, the Central Bank of Nigeria will issue Treasury Bills for sale. The Economy will engender poverty and hunger as a result of the prevalent hardship, which the Government will try to find ways of ameliorating. The Nigerian Foreign Reserve will shrink and the Debt Profile of the country will skyrocket. The Government will struggle to reduce the Debt Profile but it will keep on increasing because there will so many wrong Economic policies and unqualified Advisers.

The spirit of God says the Government must work on the Dollar exchange rate. Nigeria will have to be very prayerful so that the Dollar will not rise above #500 to one American Dollar. I foresee that the American Dollar will keep on rising and falling in the exchange market. If governments are unable to manage the effects of the ravaging COVID-19 Pandemic. I foresee that the other way by which the Corona Virus Pandemic can affect our Economy is, if the Nigerian Government should embark on another lock down in the country. I foresee that the new lockdown if introduced will break down the economy of Nigeria and will trigger serious inflation. Things will become very expensive. I foresee that Importation will not run smoothly as to be expected and of course there are lots of surprises to watch out for in the Importation Sector of the Economy.
I foresee that the Nigerian government will seek means to revamp the economy but there remain a lot of structures to put in place in order for the economy to bring smiles on our faces.

The Nigerian Government will change the tax law by an upward review of the tax system in order to generate more funds internally but this will not be helpful. There will be a review of the Value Added Tax upwardly even as the unexpected percentage increase will cause more problems for our economy.

The spirit of God says the Nigerian Government must invest more in Agriculture in order to avert famine and food scarcity. Many banks will want to invest more in Agriculture to boost farm production. Our locally produced farm products like the home grown rice and other local food supplies will be greatly encouraged. The government should encourage mass production of food stuffs so as to encourage exportation.
Agricultural production will increase if we encourage and promote the use of Fertilizers. I foresee that Government will give Farmers necessary input like Fertilizers and high yielding grains. I foresee that some state Governments will give loans to farmers in order to boost Agricultural Productions. I foresee that rearing of snails and Animal Husbandry will receive a boost especially in the South-West.

I foresee that some States will specialize in the production of certain Nigeria food crops. I foresee that Governments will invest more in agriculture and thus improve in the food processing techniques. Let’s be watchful and prayerful against excessive rainfall so that this will not cause any destruction in our farm lands. I foresee an improvement in mechanized farming.

Government will pump more money into mechanized farming but there is need to work assiduously on this. This will help Nigeria to succeed in meeting the local food needs of the country and also encourage having reserves. The spirit of God revealed that the prices of Cassava Flour, Yam Flour, Beans and local Rice will be unstable. The spirit of God says care must be taken to prevent an upward movement in the prices of foodstuffs.

Nigeria will invest more in farming. Banks will be making money available to farmers but some governments in Africa will also want to invest more in farming because more country will be making efforts to fight hunger as I foresee hunger knocking at the door.

I foresee that some stock exchange market operators and companies license will be withdrawn because of malpractices. Stock exchange companies must pray against the death of a Chief Executive Officer of Stock exchange market. Stock will be fluctuating. The profit of these following stocks brokers will drop at the first quarter of the year; Nestle, Julius Berger, Honeywell, First Bank, Glaxosmithe, Portland cement, Dangote cement.

Innoson motors must be very watchful. They will have a good year but they will want to frustrate it

I foresee that some airlines will be unable to function. Some companies in the aviation industry will close shops while others will downsize their work force.

The spirit of God says Government must take necessary technical steps so as to put the aviation industry on proper footing. There will be merging of Airlines. Aviation companies will have so many challenges in the year 2021. There will be scarcity of Aviation fuel. There will be hike in the price of Aviation fares.

They must be careful so that they do not face lawsuit.

Let’s pray against problems in our Oil industry.

I foresee that Gas will become a major source of power for many things. There will be Gas explosions in Nigeria as revealed by the spirit of God.

DPPR will close down some of the filling stations for sharp practices.
I foresee that the price of petrol in Nigeria will be slashed. There will be the importation of poor petroleum product into the country. The Oil Subsidy will still lead to more indebtedness which can threaten the economy as revealed by the spirit of God.

The price of Flours will increase even as I foresee the scarcity of Flour which in turn will affect the prices of some confectionary products

I foresee that there will be changes in the physical appearance of Nigerian currencies but this may not be this year. Also, I foresee higher denominations of the Nigerian currencies introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

I foresee changes and reviews in the Tariffs and Excise Duties collected by the Customs Department even as I foresee that the Duties and Tariffs will be fluctuating. Government will work out certain percentages on the Duties and tariffs on imported goods. I foresee that some imported good will not attract payment of Duties while some imported goods will be treated as immaterial in value. There will be a review of the Import Licenses issued to Clearing and Forwarding Agents. I foresee that operators of the Clearing and Forwarding Agencies will protest because of various incidences at the Ports and Customs Post. I foresee that the government will treat the issue of parking lots for trucks with seriousness but the process will be slow. I foresee new working tools and machine provided by government for the Customs. Let’s pray against explosion in any Customs Warehouse.


The CBN LOGO will still be changed in the future not now. I foresee that the LOGO will still be adjusted. CBN will mount pressure on banks that failed to comply with the recapitalization directives.
Banks will still merge. Many banks will be exposed.

CBN will carry out a review of its policy on stamp duty payments. Also, the percentage of interest as payable on loans will be reviewed. CBN will work on the activities of black market operators as revealed by the spirit of God. The Central Bank will inject more money into the Foreign Exchange Market in order to stabilize it. The CBN will face tough challenges because the economy will be fluctuating. The CBN governor must be careful not to be indicted by some governors because some money will be missing and even transactions in some accounts will be called for to enable proper analysis. The CBN will review their workers retirement packages.

I foresee that there will be Banking reforms by which moves will be made to ensure reconsolidation in the banking industry. I foresee the death of a Banking Guru even as some banks will be attacked. Some banks will lay off some of their staffs.

Fidelity Bank
Fidelity Bank should be careful so that it will not suffer any loss.

I foresee that the bank will face sanctions due to certain irregularities in its documentations and reports to the Apex Bank. Ecobank must be watchful so as to guide against failures in its compliance with banking regulations.

Equity Bank
Equity Bank must be careful so that it will not face litigations and also record cases of fraudulent activities.

Access Bank
Access Bank must be careful about fire outbreaks and attacks on their bank buildings.

First Bank
First Bank must be careful not to lose a big customer. The bank must pray against fire outbreaks and armed robbery attacks.

Stanbic IBTC Bank
This Bank must be careful about internal troubles and should be careful so that it will not begin to scrap some of its branches.

Polaris Bank
Polaris Bank must pray against deaths in the bank. The bank must pray for higher profitability.

WEMA Bank must be very careful because of cases of fraud that will involve the staffs and Directors. Wema Bank must pray against trouble from its workers and also rebuke attacks.
Union Bank

In Union bank there will be a change in leadership.  Union Bank will have issues with a major customer. The bank must work and pray against debts and fraud. Auditors will detect irregularities in the records of the bank.

The NDIC will have problems.
I foresee that some Insurance Companies will not be able to meet up with the recapitalization requirements. I foresee that some new Insurance companies will emerge even as some insurance companies will merge so as to become more formidable. Some Insurance companies will launch new products.

I foresee that some Micro-finance Banks will collapse. Members of the Micro-finance Banks Union will have problems among themselves.


NATO will have a lot of problems. NATO will want to work as a team. They will want to work to see that things are properly aligned in NATO. NATO will be attacked. NATO will be harmonized. There will be new alignments. The head of the NATO will be changed.

I foresee that the AU will be faced with multi-various crisis in terms of security. The AU will be challenged and they will be making effort to see that there is peace in African Nations. The AU will come up with new policy and try to promote trade among the AU nations. They will review some policies in the African Union.

World health organization will face a lot of challenges especially on the issue of accountability

There will be changes in OPEC leadership. OPEC members will effect a review of the price of crude oil.

International Court of Justice ICJ
A black person or an African person will either be indicted or appointed as one of the judges of the ICJ.

ECOWAS must pray not to lose anybody. ECOWAS will face challenges in Africa concerning insecurity, water challenge and many more.

They will face challenges in some parts of Africa.


The Nigeria Ports Authority will face many challenges. The Managing Director of the Nigeria Port Authority will be indicted. The Nigeria Port Authority will face so many rigorous situations especially in respect of the parking of trailers and land matters. They will face litigations and some of their personnel will be sacked. The Nigeria Port Authority needs a lot of prayers for things to be in good position.

I foresee that the Head of the FAAN will have problems. The FAAN workers should be careful so that they will not constitute problems in the Airports. The FAAN will review upward the cost of their tickets. Some airlines will owe the FAAN and as a result the FAAN will ban some Airline Operators from flying in the country. The FAAN personnel should be careful about troubles that will come up among them. The FAAN workers will agitate for an increase in their salaries. There will be clash of interests among the Airport Personnel.

I foresee that some fraudulent acts will be detected in the records and activities of the NNPC. The NNPC will face some major troubles. The NNPC and the Central Bank of Nigeria will have problems. I foresee the NNPC will embark on a project but it will be unable to complete it. The operations of the NNPC will lead to litigations at the international level which will trouble the Nigerian Government. I foresee that some NNPC officials will be sacked. There will be corruption in the NNPC. The NNPC Group Managing Director will face challenges and counter challenges because of a wrong contact. There will be some leakages, fake documents, fake contracts and corruption which will make heads to roll but it will be swept under the carpet.

I foresee that AMCON will face some challenges. The corporation will be taken to court. AMCON will assist the banks in their recovery of bad debts from individuals and corporate organization. AMCON must be careful of blackmails.

They will run into crisis. Some of their officials will be caught doing illegal things. Some of their General Marshals will be removed. LASTMA will have a very rough time with the transporters.

The leadership of the FRSC will be changed even as there will be a kind of internal re-organization in the corp. The FRSC will be repackage as per their code of conduct and how to discharge their duties, because there will be deaths due to attacks on their personnel.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service will have some issues
There will be so much land dispute in Nigeria. Government will reform land use charges. Nigeria will improve in Oil and Gas. The Oil and Gas exploitation in Nigeria will take another dimension.

The postal service will change and have agreement with lots of company. Let us pray against fire outbreak in any of the post offices. I foresee that the postal service will make a lot of improvement in the needs to sending letters in our locality and across the globe.

Official of the security outfit will perform well but they will be indicted. Issues of Amotekun will be reviewed. If Amotekun is being managed well. There will be argument on state allocations.


The Nigeria Union of Teachers will embark on protests and also agitate for increment in their salaries and payment of outstanding debts.

ASUU will go on strike because of the Government’s poor implementation of the Trade Agreements between the two. The Government must do what is required to contain this development.

I foresee that the Government will use the NLC leaders against the members. Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) will have misunderstandings.

I foresee that NUPENG will take steps to go on strike

There will be trouble in the leadership of PENGASSAN.

The pensioner will go on rampage as they will protest against poor handling of their cases by the government.

I foresee that in the Pension’s Board there will be corruption. The Buhari Government will not live up to the expectations of the masses.

There will be so many factions that will wage war against the NURTW. They must pray not to lose a prominent member among them. There will be different voices coming out of the groups. The groups will face rancor and there will be bloodbath because of power tussle. The Chairman of NURTW in Ogun state will face trouble. The Head of Transporters will face so many issues in the nearest future. I foresee that the Government will still take over NURTW just like what is going on in Oyo state now. I am seeing a more refined NURTW because the current chairman Mr Akinsanya (MC Oluomo) will be disappointed. He will be betrayed and of course money misappropriation will cause problem in NURTW.


I foresee that the security challenges in the country will reach an alarming rate until the Government does the needful. Otherwise, there is no way the security of lives and property can be guaranteed. The spirit of God says there will be major challenges in our security system mostly kidnappings. The spirit of God says setting up the State Police will not work for now because it will be used for selfish reasons even as its Agenda and will be greatly criticized.

I foresee that different kinds of crime will be committed in the country. The spirit of God says a new Cult group will come up that will threaten the peace of the people. I foresee an upsurge in the activities of hoodlums and bandits in the country.

I foresee that if the President failed to change the Service Chiefs, the issue of Security challenges will become more deplorable and alarming. This in essence will lead to a nationwide breakdown of law and Order as I foresee the people going on widespread protests. People will raise alarm on the level of inaction of the government whenever the government fails to address the problems of Insecurity by not doing the needful. I foresee there will be so many plans to effect changes that will positively affect the security situation in the country. I foresee more kidnappings and Highway robberies. I foresee that armed robbers will clash with the Police.

There will be corruption in the security system. The government will procure more equipment to combat banditry. I foresee that the new security outfits by the Police high command will on close examination be the same as the ones that they are replacing.

The spirit of God says the EndSARS protests will not end police brutality. I have not seen an end to police brutality in Nigeria. The spirit of God says there will be foreign incursions into the country by hoodlums that will attack our land. The government must take the issue of security more seriously than ever before. The Nigerian Military will find means to enhance security with different Operations in the Northeast. Boko Haram will attack some of our leaders and even military bases. The spirit of God says the Nigerian military can contain the Boko Haram if there is the will power. I foresee that the Boko Haram insurgent will succeed in their major attacks as they will hit individuals, communities, the convoys of the Police and Military personnel. Until the Nigerian Government decides to do the right thing by uprooting the bad eggs in our military, we cannot succeed in the Boko Haram war efforts. The spirit of God says granting amnesty to Boko Haram repentant will create more problems, challenges and failures for the military.

I foresee redeployment in the top echelon of the military command structure as well as a change of guards in the security apparatus. Let’s pray not to lose a Captain, a General or any top military personnel. I foresee there will be Court Marshals in the military as there will be mutinies. I foresee that rumors will be making the rounds in the military. There is no way the Nigerian Government will succeed in insulating the military from involvements in politics as I see the Political class using them to pursue and promote personal interests. Some sensitive military information will leak out. I foresee the Militants from different camps killing each other. I foresee that salaries will be owed the Military personnel and it will result to mutiny especially among those fighting the terrorists.

There will so many changes among the Divisional Police Officers. I foresee that some officers will be dismissed from service because of corruption. There will be change of guards in the police force. Some officers and men will be promoted.

The Police Service Commission will detect some irregularities in some areas of the activities of the police. Lets us pray against the death of any Divisional Police Officer, Assistant Inspectors General of Police, Assistant Commissioners of Police and Commissioners of Police in the country. I foresee that police will fashion out proper planning in order to facilitate equanimity and sanity in the Police. Let’s pray against deaths in the police force. I foresee that the Police may go on strike if denied of their allowances.

The Police Reforms cannot be actualized now except the government do all the necessary things that will ensure discipline in the force. Otherwise, corruption cannot be eradicated in the Police. The Reforms may not reflect the wishes of the people as SWAT does not define anything different from SARS. I foresee that the so called dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) cannot be properly evaluated now because the government wants to introduce very formidable operational systems that will promote a good image for the police force. The government needs to apply the right method for Police to function properly. I foresee a total shake up in the Police force in 2021. The Nigeria Police Force will fail because government will not be able to meet its obligations towards them.

I foresee changes in the Nigerian Air Force. Some principal officers will be removed says the Lord. I foresee the Nigerian Air Force acquiring new Fighter Jets. Let’s pray so that the Air Force planes will not crash or be brought down during sorties. Aside this, the Nigerian Air Force needs to be very careful so that they will not detect fraud among their rank and file. I foresee the Air-force will have new Flag Officer Commanding

Nigerian Army will have new General Officer Commanding

I foresee that the Nigerian Navy will have problems. Let’s pray not to lose a onetime prominent Chief of the Naval Staff. Let’s pray so that a former Chief of Army staff will not fall sick. Also, we should pray against fire outbreaks in any military formation. Let’s pray against recording casualties in the Navy.

I foresee a new code of conduct in the EFCC. The EFCC will make efforts that will ensure a formidable fight against corruption. I see corruption hitting back at the government whereby the people in the system will corrupt the system and that system will corrupt the EFCC. The EFCC will have so many valuable information that they will use to apprehend many of the corrupt politicians. I foresee that the names of certain personalities least expected to be accused of corruption will be found on the corruption list of the EFCC. There will be new arrangements and methods in dealing with corruption cases because of so many strange occurrences that will take place in the commission. I foresee there will be new training programmes for EFCC personnel. I foresee that the government will want to introduce new formats that will be guiding EFCC operations. The government will determine the rank of any new person that will be holding the position of the chairman of the institution. The EFCC will have a new device that will assist in the detection of fraud. The EFCC will roll out new regulations to be complied with by the Commercial Banks and the Central Bank of Nigeria on issues that as to do with monetary transactions. The leadership of the EFCC will misfire, says the Lord.

There will be changes in the Management cadre of the Customs Department. I foresee that some Deputy Comptrollers and Assistant Comptrollers in the Customs Service will be changed. The Customs will have new Operational Zones. The operatives of the Customs Department will have problems with smugglers. Customs officials will be attacked in their Bases. I foresee that people will stage a protest against Customs officials especially those at the Border post. The Customs Department will discover and impound some illegal goods (contrabands) illegally brought into the country. The Customs personnel must be careful because of fake documents. Customs will make more money for the country in the year 2021 says the Lord.

The Immigration Service will detect many fake Passport booklets as revealed by the spirit of God. Some Immigration personnel will start working on some extra fake codes used by criminals who forge travelling documents. Some Immigration officers will be indicted. There will be changes within the ranks of the Comptrollers in the Service. Let’s pray against the death of a Senior Officer in the Immigration Service.

I foresee there will be changes in the Headship of some of the Correctional Centres. The Correctional Centres will face some challenges. I foresee that some inmates will jailbreak even as there will be attacks on some Correctional Centers. The Correctional Centers will improve on their manpower needs. Let’s pray against outbreaks of fire and diseases in some Correctional Centers. Correctional Centers must be careful about accusation of corruption.

There will be a new head for the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp. Officers and men of the Corp must be prayerful against attacks. The new head of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp must be prayerful against challenges and counter challenges.

Let’s pray not to see killings or kidnappings of a DSS personnel. Let pray so that Police or Army Officers will not be kidnapped.

The NDLEA will destroy so many weeds.


Nigerian Football Federation will have a new regulation even as it will introduce a new system into the game of football. They will fight against racism. They will ban some referees. Lets us pray not to lose an important footballer. NFF should pray against disorderliness, there will be a new head of affairs in NFF. There will be corruption. Let them pray against divisions in any of their Chapters. NFF will have so many disappointments. Super Eagles coach will face challenges. The under-17 coach must wake up to his major challenges in order to move the club forward and should pray not to have any major constraints.

The Falcons need to prepare for their best time. Falcon coach will face unexpected challenges. The team will be struggling to make efforts. There will be so many disappointments for the Super Eagles, as they will find it difficult to lift the African Nations Cup. But if they can come together as a team, they can lift the cup.

Nigeria will go to the World Cup. Their performance will fall below expectation.

The Sports Minister will be troubled because of so many things they will want to put together in the year. The Super Eagles will be complaining of the attack barriers and I foresee corruption in the Nigerian Football Federation.  The Minister of Sports has a lot of things to do.

Coaches will be disappointed. Let us pray not to lose a one time coach in Nigeria. Let’s pray against the death of an ex-International Super Eagles Player.

On the Nigeria football Jersey, there will be problems with the Contractor.

FIFA will face series of litigations and must pray against the death of a FIFA official. FIFA needs to pray well against stampede.

The Body will be very skeptical about security and they will introduce new reforms in the game of football. FIFA will fight against corruption and acts of indiscipline on the parts players. FIFA will face some minor challenges.

Let’s us pray that there shall be no death of a prominent person in FIFA. The Body must pray not to mourn. FIFA must be very watchful because of financial misappropriations. There will be some internal politics that will cause organizational setbacks.

They must be careful not to have troubles and apart from this CAF will face some difficult times. CAF must pray not to lose an ex-official member. There will be a new head of affairs in CAF. And of course CAF will seriously tackle some issues about players’ indiscipline, irregularities and misbehaviour.

Some clubs will take CAF to court. They will protest against CAF policies. CAF will improve soccer in Africa. CAF should pray not to lose anybody. A Nigerian will be appointed into CAF.

They should pray against calamities and counter calamities that will make the football nations in Asia to mourn. Asia will lose a strong financier and football supporter.

In Europe let us pray not to lose the Founder of a Club, an official of a Club, a former Coach, a former Player and a present Player. Let’s pray so that fans will not be fighting themselves.

Lionel Messi will be benched in Barcelona even as he will not make a difference

Alex Nwobi will not be active in his club

Cristiano Ronaldo will have issues with Juventus Club

David Luiz will face unforeseen circumstances

I foresee that this player will move from Liverpool to another club, but he will not be able to move gloriously in his next move

WILLAN (Arsenal)
The player will not be able to get his bearings right. Willan will be neglected s he will not be used often on the field. Willan will be benched.

Chelsea Coach, Real Madrid Coach, Arsenal Coach, Wolves Coach, Manchester United Coach, Juventus Coach, AC Milan Coach, Atletico Madrid Coach will want to change or have issues with their club management.

They will have some irregularities that will be exposed

The federation will have problems. Let us pray not to lose any NFF member. Let us pray not to lose any Football ownership
Let us pray not to lose any Wrestler.

SWAN should pray not to have divisions. There will be conspiracy among them. Let them pray not to lose any Sports Editor.

The club will lose a very prominent person

The club should pray against fire outbreak and not to lose a prominent person in the club

The club should pray not to lose a prominent senior member of the club.

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