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Nairalander calls out FCMB for ‘refusing to pay google earnings


I’m a Blogger and Google Publisher. I’m here to report my issue with FCMB Bank.

On the 21st of this month (December 2020), a payment was sent to me by Google Ireland Limited just as they do every month since this year started. The payment was sent into my FCMB Bank- same Bank I’ve been using to receive all my advert payment from Google and other companies, but this time around FCMB is refusing to credit my funds which was sent in by Google and I want to use this medium to warn people about transacting with FCMB Bank (mostly international money transactions).

My Story goes as thus:

On The 21st of This Month Google Sent $2,685.38 USD to my FCMB Bank Account (The Same which they have been sending to every month and I’ve been getting credit – without issues).

22nd of December: I called FCMB Headquarters via this Phone Number: 012798800 and informed them about the incoming WIRE Transfer from Google Ireland; I mailed the Payment Receipt send to me by Google to them (via: [email protected]) and FCMB Bank’s Customer Service Rep who Picked up my Call and Logged my Transaction responded to me as thus: “I have Logged your Incoming Transaction, Be rest assured that FCMB will credit you once we confirm we have the corresponding Inflow…. Please, expect an update within the Next 24 Hours – You should receive it immediately we confirm we have the Funds in question”.

That has been the response they always give me whenever I call in to inform them about an incoming USD Inflow every month and I get my credit before the end of Working day on that day or early 23rd which is the next Day….. This time Around I didn’t get it even on 23rd December.

23rd December: On This day, I called back FCMB Headquarters and the Customer Care Representative that spoke with me confirmed the Inflow and made me understand that he can see the Inflow pending and FCMB Bank is in receipt of the Funds and the only thing remaining is to credit my account, I asked him “Why is this taking Long? Since FCMB is in receipt of my Fund, Credit my account because I need my Money!”, The Customer Service Rep went ahead to let me know that “From what I can see here, This Current Inflow is bigger than what you usually get from Google in the Past Months, we are looking into it – why is it so?” I replied as thus: “It’s not a Fixed Payment, it might go up or even be lesser depending on so many factors, but the Payment for this Month is bigger”, The Customer Service Rep went ahead to end the conversation by telling me this “Please, I have done a follow up on this issue to confirm why You’ve not been credited this amount which I can see from my end. Please, give us 24 Hours; you should be credited on or even before the 24 hours elapses”. After everything, I was expecting my credit as he promised But I saw nothing and I didn’t get any Credit after 24 Hours.

24th December: On This Day I called FCMB Headquarters again to complain on why they have not credited me my Inflow despite conforming they are in receipt of my Inflow, the Customer service Rep that Picked up my call told me this “We are in receipt of the Fund but the appropriate team noted that Your Name was not written in Full by the sender, Please inform REMITA to write your name in Full” I was dumbfounded because that was not my first time of receiving payment from the same Company Google Ireland Limited, and IF it was a Wrong Account or mistaken transaction, They wouldn’t see the inflow, neither will the transaction bear my account number and I explained it to the rep to check my previous inflows from the same company and see that’s how all the inflows has been and I have always been credited without such issues, I made her to understand that I need my money credited fast because I need to use it for my Christmas Celebration. I also made her know that it’s a Wire Transfer which has been coming in monthly like that and I’ve been getting my credit and I don’t have any transaction or history with Remita to start up a conversation with them… The Customer Rep informed me that I would be credited before the day runs out as she has done a Follow up on my Issue…. Uptill Today I have not received my Payment… I Was Home all day Yesterday being Christmas and uptill Now I’ve been and I’m Still feeling Bad because I have #0 With me and FCMB is holding my funds with Flimsy excuses. That Made me Not To Celebrate my Christmas- FCMB BANK is WITHOLDING MY HARD EARNED MONEY.

I decided to send a tweet to their Twitter Handle so as to make a further report in regards to the issue, and on getting to their Most Recent Post (as at 24th December 2020) I noticed a tweet by another Blogger who complained about FCMB Holding his Payment which was sent to him by Google Too (Screenshot Attached to this Post)… There and then I noticed I was not alone on this and it looks like FCMB is trying to play a Fast one on Bloggers. I sent out a tweet to their Official handle but got no reply even till this moment.

I have been getting my credit into my FCMB Bank account every month until this December and some FCMB customer reps have handled my Google transactions in the past and here are their details for further confirmation:

Rep 1: Ayomide Omole

E-mail: [email protected]

Rep 2: Mariam Okubena

E-mail: [email protected]

Current Inflow Transaction Request ID (Assigned to me for this transaction by FCMB Via Mail): RE-1962584

Transaction Amount: $2,685.38

Date Sent: 21st December 2020

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