Pelow: We offer affordable housing solutions for agents and renters in Nigeria

Pelow: We offer affordable housing solutions for agents and renters in Nigeria

If you have ever rented an apartment, house or flat in Lagos then you would understand when we say it feels like making your way through the eye of the needle.

Any renter who successfully passes through the obvious bottlenecks that come with renting an apartment in Lagos in one piece should be given a standing ovation.

For those that are new to the game or perhaps interested in moving to Lagos, there are some few hints that you need to know so you don’t end us making the wrong decision. Most of the time, the real estate agents are only interested in the registration fee that renters usually pay when they employ their services. After about 1-3 days of house hunting it becomes really difficult getting a real estate agent to go on a house hunt with you especially when he has other clients.

Another major drama is the specification of the type of renter the Landlord is seeking for. After the trauma of seeing nonsense with the agent, you might finally see an apartment that seems custom made for you! But, the story comes up when the agent tells you the terms and conditions to be met, which often border on the point of outrageous. One of the most famous is; “Only someone of a particular tribe can rent this house.”

At Pelow, we understand these challenges from both sides (the agent and the renters). Aside from our personal experience; we have also been able to identify major cause of these struggles and created a solution that solved these problems on our platform

How often do you get to negotiate your contract with your landlord, Airbnb/Vrbo host, or Hotel host? Not so much, we think. Property owners or Hotels need to be sure that you know what you are getting into when you sign your lease, and you want to make sure you can afford it. Well, on Pelow, you can find your Commercial and Residential properties to rent with confidence.

Let’s face it: you are at a disadvantage. You are a buyer that can never know enough about the area you wish to buy your dream property from because it isn’t your full-time job and your needs are malleable. You are a property owner or agent looking for buyers for your property but also wish to speed up your sales process while coming across as fair and balanced. Well, fear not. Pelow will be your advantage.

To extend the value we bring to the market, we have created an opportunity to invest in real estate on our platform.

As the old saying goes: “You have to start from somewhere…” You have properly thought it through, but fundraising is difficult, and you need all the help you can get with raising money for next month’s rent; a community project; your first residential or commercial building project; your mortgage or a passion building project you started but could not finish. Pelow is where you start your FREE journey to your goals because there are NO FEES or COMMISSIONS whatsoever.

What we have done at Pelow is to help renters with the vetting of agents, while creating visibility for agent listings on our platform. With our solutions, agents get to list their specifics, making it easier for renters to show their exact interest.

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