‘I lost movie role because I went home to breastfeed my child’

'I lost movie role because I went home to breastfeed my child'

Beverly Afaglo, Ghanaian actress, has recounted how she lost a movie role because she went home to breastfeed her baby.

The movie star spoke during a recent interview with Naa Ashorkor, Ghanaian radio host, on Asaase Radio 99.5 FM’s ‘Between Hours’.

In the short video clip, the actress narrated how she was inundated with calls from her mother to return home and attend to her little daughter while she was on the set of a television series.

Afaglo said she then went home since the production team had delayed in shooting the series’ last scene.

“I remember my first child, I was breastfeeding and normally I do breastfeed exclusively till the sixth month when it ends then I am done,” she said.

“So it was like the end to the seventh month, and I think that week, I was doing my first job. And I went on set and I think we were supposed to finish that last scene at 5 pm, and we waited until 11 pm.

“My mother was calling that my daughter doesn’t want to sleep, and that she has given her milk and everything but she doesn’t want to sleep. And I was worried, everybody was complaining.

“I wasn’t the only one who complained, other people were saying they needed to go back to their shops, while other complained about mosquitoes.

“Then the next moment, about a week after, I think, a colleague called me to say the producer actually said ‘you had to go home to breastfeed your child’ so because of that, he wrote me off. And it was a series, he wrote me out.

“I apologized. And I wasn’t even the only one complaining but because mine was a complaint about breastfeeding my child, I lost the job”

The 37-year-old actress is married to Eugene Kwadwo Boadu, Ghanaian singer better known as Choirmaster. The union is blessed with two children.