Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club appoints Africent Group CEO, Juwon Lawal ‘Global Ambassador’

The Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club has appointed the founder and CEO of Africent Group, Razaq Juwon Lawal as Global Ambassador and member of the Commonwealth Club.

The Club is an international network of experts in business and government with the aim of driving economic and social outcomes through collaboration to create jobs and alleviate poverty.
The core mandate of the Commonwealth Club is to facilitate and promote international trade by way of shared advice, business networking events, conferences and seminars. It is also provides a unique business networking and trade development platform for small to medium sized businesses.
The Commonwealth Club business members span the world across 54 countries, worldwide.
It would be recalled that in 2020, the Razaq Juwon Lawal, was accepted into the Forbes Business Council and appointed a UN Eminent Peace Ambassador. He also emerged Businessman of the Year at the Global Excellence Awards.
He recently announced the floating of Kreek Internationals, a London based Technology & Consultancy Services Company that operates, a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. joins, an online freelancers’ marketplace, which kicked off last year 2020.