Aso Rock Robbery: Primate Ayodele’s prophecy fulfilled

Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on Peter Obi continues to come to pass
Primate Ayodele

Another of the prophecies delivered at the close of Year 2020 by servant of God and leader at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has come to pass, with the report on Monday of an attempted burglary at the residence of President Buhari’s chief of staff, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, and that of the admin officer.

Presidential spokesman, Garba Sheu, confirmed the incidents in a tweet.

Primate Ayodele, in his annual book of divine revelation called ‘Warnings to The Nations’, released in July of 2020 and the contents repeated to journalists five months later, had warned that:

“I foresee kidnappings in the Aso Rock. The Villa needs cleansing because there will be fights in the villa. I foresee that some important documents will leak out of the Villa. There will be Classified Official leakages from the Villa. Let’s pray not to lose anybody in the Villa. Aso Villa must be fortified against attacks. There will be speculations of attacks in the villa. Protests will be directed at the Aso Rock Villa because protocols will be broken.’’

With this, what else can be more prophetic and stamping of the genuiness of a man’s divine calling?

Besides, the fire incident in the office of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) few days ago, was foretold by Ayodele on Page 183 of the book.

He said: “Let them pray not to have any accident and not for any of their staff to be kidnapped. Let them pray so their office will not get burnt. INEC will need a lot of money for elections which they will be probed on. INEC will run into debt. INEC will be accused of rigging. INEC should not do E-voting which will put them into a very big problem. INEC will be accused of rigging some of important of elections. Some of the officials will be attacked.’’