I healed my pregnancy problems with herbal remedies –Funmi Lawrence Ogidan

I healed my pregnancy problems with herbal remedies –Funmi Lawrence Ogidan
L-R: Business Advisor, Global New Herbal Life (GNHL), Mr. Wole Awosika; Head, Multilevel Marketing, Mrs. Tina Adeosun; Chief Executive Officer, TDR Funmi Lawrence-Ogidan; and Media Advisor, GNHL, Dr. Kunle Hamilton; during the media launch of GNHL herbal remedies in Lagos 18 May 2021

Funmilola Lawrence Ogidan is a traditional doctor with a difference and without condemning western medical drugs, she has proffered herbal remedies as nature’s safest cure for most human ailments.

In a chat with press men in Lagos on Tuesday, she explained that while synthetic medical drugs almost always produce side effects in patients, herbal remedies have no side effect.

“I have tried and tested both western and herbal medicines and I can tell you categorically that God has provided us with every single herb we need for our good health. The herbs that we have all around us will do us a whole lot of good work when we treat them right. Herbal medicines perform healing miracles in us.

“We haven’t reached that stage where western medicine would be totally replaced by herbal remedies for all ailments. Having alternatives helps us all. I believe that most western medicines originate from our own local herbs but with a lot of synthetic processes that deplete nature and produce side effects,” Lawrence-Ogidan said.

Lawrence-Ogidan is a traditional doctor (TDR). Arguably, she has the largest health farm and NAFDAC-certified factory for the production of herbal remedies in South-West, Nigeria. She is a well-travelled tour operator, special education and entrepreneurship graduate and an indigene of Ile-Ife, Osun State.

She is the CEO of Global New Herbal Life (GNHL); a certified member of both the Nigeria Association of Medical Herbalists and National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners.

Her passion for herbal remedies grew when she had to heal her protracted bareness with herbs after western medical methods had failed her.

“I had serious hormonal disorder that stopped me from getting pregnant for many years. I did IVF severally. I was given different injections daily, but the minute I started using my own herbs, everything started going back to normal. To the glory of God, I had my own baby. It was normal delivery even at that age. There were no issues or complications at all with the pregnancy or after the delivery,” she said.

TDR Lawrence-Ogidan has produced over 70 tried and tested ready-to-drink and ready-to-rub herbal remedies with stunning testimonials, details of which she shared in her press interview

Trained as a traditional herbal doctor by experts, including 90 and 100-year-olds, Lawrence-Ogidan says her trainers have entrusted ancient herbal secrets to her and that mixed with science, her company GNHL has successfully elevated the production precision of nature’s herbal remedies, which she categorized into three – sex, health and beauty products.

Hear her: “Unlike before when I used to suffer from malaria and fever often, we now have a one-time herbal cure and with our modern factory equipment and attending technology, we are able to do a lot of toxicology tests to ensure that our herbal remedies come in the right dosage. So now we produce in safe quantities and with NAFDAC-approved scientific quality that can be sold without reducing the component of herbs that we use.”

Asked if her Fever remedy can cure COVID-19, her carefully weighed words were: “COVID-19 and its many variants have further opened our eyes to the limitations of western medicine. A whole lot of people went back to ginger, garlic and other herbs. I believe that herbal remedies would get us farther going forward,” said.