Glo-sponsored African Voices celebrates four Africans in Omnibus edition

African Voices Changemakers, a 30- minute magazine programme on Cable News Network (CNN), sponsored by Globacom, this weekend reviews the last four episodes of the series.  

The Omnibus edition which comes up once in a month features four personalities making positive impact in different fields and contributing to the development of the continent.

The guests include Nigerian athlete, Uche Eke, founder of a leading African handmade sustainable textiles company, Mariama Camara, a South African-based artist, Justice Mukheli and an experienced and well-known baker from Kenya, Myra Kivuvani .

A computer engineering graduate of University of Michigan in the United States of America, 23 year old Eke recently qualified to represent Nigeria at the next Olympics. Earlier in 2019 All-Africa Games in Rabat, Morocco, he won Nigeria’s first-ever gold medal on pommel horse and a bronze medal on parallel bars.  Eke is very passionate about gymnastics, a game he  believes helps to build the character, attitude and habits that can positively influence the future of youths and hopes more will take to the sport. 

The second guest, Mariama Camara’s business began originally from a family of accomplished tie dyers from Kinda Region of Guinea. She owns Mariama Fashion Production, a New York City-based African textiles and accessories company, and is also a humanitarian whose passion for textiles and handmade products grew while watching her family design prints as a girl. She is the first Guinean to showcase the efforts of female tie-dyers from her roots to the international market, through her non-profit organization There Is No Limit Foundation.

Next is South African Justice Mukheli. He is an artist, filmmaker, and fine art photographer. Mukheli is popular in the South African commercial industry for creating “intellectually and emotionally dense work” which focuses on the genuine African experience and harbouring  the continued intention to deconstruct  the negative narrative of Africa and Africans on the global stage. 

The last guest is Myra Kivuvani who is an experienced and well known baker in Kenya. She is a graduate of Global management who decided to pursue her dream of becoming a cake connoisseur. Myra who inspires disadvantaged children to dream big is the Director of Le Grenier à Pain Special Occasion Cakes line. 

The programme  comes up on DSTV CNN Channel 401 on Saturday at 9.30 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. Repeat broadcasts will be aired on Sunday at 4.30 a.m.,   7.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. and on Monday at 12.30 a.m. and  5.30 a.m.