The Buzz gives a glimpse into the BBNaija Housemates’ secret diary sessions

The Buzz gives a glimpse into the BBNaija Housemates’ secret diary sessions

Showmax’s exclusive BBNaija show, The Buzz, hosted by Toke Makinwa premiered on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, at 7 pm.

And for the first time this season, we got exclusive access into the housemates’ secret diary sessions.

These sessions allow the housemates to rant about anything and everything, revealing some of the juiciest details. People discuss who they like, who they want to be with, those they can’t stand and more.

Here’s a quick summary of what some of your favourite housemates had to share during their first secret diary sessions:

  • Saskay hates when the housemates play sexual games or ask sexual questions because she doesn’t like talking about her sexuality and doesn’t think everything should be about sex.
  • Boma sometimes feels like speaking rather harshly to some of the housemates, but he always has to remind himself that he can’t do that since they are all adults.
  • Saga thought it was painful that Nini kicked him out of her bed after making some moves on her. But, he also thought he was making progress.
  • Princess feels like the other housemates don’t listen to her or take her suggestions about tasks seriously.
  • Liquorose feels like the house can sometimes get too divided during tasks, and she just wants everyone to focus.
  • Yerins is just confused about his place in Big Brother’s house.
  • Jaypaul thinks Pere is very vain and self-centred, so he’s keeping his distance from the 35-year-old. Viewers will note that it seems Pere also doesn’t like Jaypaul as he put the latter up for eviction on Monday when he was exercising his wildcard privileges.
  • Nini thinks her argument with Pere about their group task on Saturday was necessary because he refused to accept that he was wrong. She adds that they are good now since she’s his guy.
  • Jackie B just really misses her son and home. She told Big Brother that she’s already drained and starting to feel tired.
  • Whitemoney doesn’t like the way the housemates are cooking and eating what they like. He just wants everyone to manage the food they have in the house better.
  • Emmanuel has been feeling uncomfortable about having to open up to a lot of new people.
  • Maria thinks the emotions are getting high in the house, and she’s not sure how she feels anymore.
  • Pere and Saskay told Big Brother they didn’t have anything they wanted to rant about.

The secret diary sessions are exclusive to Showmax. They feature as part of the platform’s brand new and exclusive show, ‘The Buzz’, hosted by award-winning media personality Toke Makinwa.

You can catch brand new episodes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on the drama from the BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition.