HAPAwards will boost Nollywood profile in Diaspora -Monica Omorodion-Swaida

HAPAwards will boost Nollywood profile in Diaspora -Monica Omorodion-Swaida
Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPAwards), 2021 edition will hold in October in the United States, organisers of the event said.
The award recognises outstanding individuals, whose lives have been marked by extraordinary personal and professional accomplishments in the field of music, film, comedy, and fashion.
A highlight of the award ceremony is a business dinner, holding October 22 to 24, Which will bring consummate entrepreneurs all over the world including Africans to showcase their businesses and share their success stories.
Convener of the dinner and one of the organisers of the HAPAwards, Monica Omorodion swaida said that this year, HAPA is collaborating with a top Hollywood plastic surgeon to do a give-away. “A plastic surgery worth $25,000 is happening in Hollywood. This is open to anyone. All they need do is pay an entry fee of $25. The winner will be announced live at the event.”
Monica, who is one of the few Africans in the world of insurance in the USA, brings her expertise to the HAPA international business round table etc.
Monica,  also a Nollywood filmaker, muti-talent artist, said that HAPA is currently accepting films, and music and other works of art while admonishing content owners to utilise the entry window as submission would close soon.
HAPAwards is a unique show that showcases Africanism and presenting African films to Hollywood. Monica has introduced various notable stars from Nigeria to HAPAWARDS. Her goal is to bridge the gap by making untapped opportunities in Africa known to the world through the world of business.