Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day, Forgiveness is oh-so sweet with DStv

Celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day, Forgiveness is oh-so sweet with DStv

Let’s face it – we’ve all experienced some sort of fallout in our lives. Whether it came as a result of conflicting opinions, betrayal, or simply a misunderstanding, we’ve all been there and got the t-shirt to prove it.

Of course, with every argument and disagreement in romantic relationships, friendships, or family relationships comes the inevitable ‘kiss and make up’ where one or both people need to swallow their pride and make things right. In some cases, it’s pretty simple: one person apologises, and life goes on, while other feuds require more to longstanding wounds.

In honour of Kiss and Make Up Day on August 25th and letting go of grudges, we’ll be looking at some of our favourite movies and shows that feature the topic of the day.

Mean Girls 2

If there ever was a group of people that know all about fighting and making up, it has to be teenage girls. In Mean Girls 2, we get to see it in action as the Plastics once again control the school, terrorising the outcasts. Jo decides to take a stand against her pretentious peers, essentially creating a band of misfits to take them on. War ensues, and things become chaotic, but who will win the battle? Find out on Wednesday, 25 August at 5:50pm on M-Net Movies 4, DStv Channel 108.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

As far as movies go that show a literal kiss and make up scene, Mr. & Mrs. Smith delivers. Two spies get married, although neither of them knows the other is a spy. When they eventually find out, they are pitted against each other in a fight to the death. Somewhere between all the destruction, they realise that they actually love each other, and a smooch-fest begins. How romantic?! Catch all the steamy action on Sunday, 29 August at 11:25am on M-Net Movies 3, DStv Channel 107.


Showbiz has got to be one of the most cutthroat industries, and Honey Daniels experiences this first-hand. When she is given her dream job as a choreographer for a famous muso, she soon begins to realise that her dream is very quickly unravelling. Will she be able to handle the demands of a booming, glamourous career while still making time for the people that matter? Only time will tell. The movie airs on Sunday, 29 August at 7:25am on M-Net Movies 1, DStv Channel 104.

I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer stars in this comedy about a self-conscious woman who bumps her head, only to wake up with a new sense of confidence. This personality change results in a reimagined life where she feels ready to take on the world, but at what cost? Prepare for a whole lot of laughter and a good dose of forgiveness on Sunday, 29 August at 5:10pm on M-Net Movies 1, DStv Channel 104.

Ford v Ferrari

You don’t need to be a car fanatic to enjoy this movie. Centred on the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, the movie follows the journey of American car designer Carroll Shelby and race car driver Ken Miles as they set out to build the perfect race car to finally beat the Ferrari team at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Can high-stakes betrayal be mended with a heartfelt apology? Find out on Monday, 06 September at 05:35am on M-Net Movies 2, DStv Channel 106.

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