Gospel artiste, Ada Ehi speaks on her role as the face of Cedarwood Luxury Maisonette

Gospel artiste, Ada Ehi speaks on her role as the face of Cedarwood Luxury Maisonette
Ada Ehi

Popular gospel music star, Ada Ehi, the Congratulations crooner, has clinched a juicy deal with Cedarwood Luxury, a pacesetting real estate brand by PWAN PLUS. Ahead of the groundbreaking of the seven-storey Cedarwood Maisonette in Ikoyi this Saturday, Ada speaks of her participation as Brand Ambassador and musical career, in this interview with our correspondent. Excerpts


I would like to describe you as a gospel music sensation. How about that?

Oh yeah? Thank you very much.

Could you tell us a bit about your gospel music career and exploits?

Yeah. I am just starting. By the grace of God, gospel music is a ministry. I believe that most of us in gospel music are voices and rightly messengers. We receive songs and we birth songs. Personally and for most of us, we can’t take credit for the songs’ writing; because a lot of these songs are received. It’s like God uses you to create songs. That’s why He gives you the platform and brings people to you so that they can listen to you, and you provide content. You are seen as anointed, soul-lifting, and so on. So whatever we might have accomplished or are accomplishing, there is more in God; and we all depend on God.

You are now a brand ambassador of Cedarwood Luxury, a pacesetting real estate brand by PWAN PLUS. How does that make you feel?

You know that you are as strong as your affiliations. Like everyone here has said, this firm, PWAN PLUS, has been founded on Christ. So it’s always important who we affiliate as representing us. Real estate is the future, has always been. In every generation, it’s always the future. So if you must align; align with a family or an organization that has a future.

Could you let us in on some of the impacts your association with the Cedarwood Luxury brand is likely to have on the company?

Because of what we do, people receive the word of God from our lips; and through our hits. They also seek counsel. And many people would like to affiliate with real estate. When you say this is good, they take it that you have given a word that it’s good. Of course, not just Nigerians, but Nigerians in diaspora, and Nigerians who are looking to invest in properties. Now you know that property is a major decision to make. People have worked hard, people have saved; now they want to buy a property. When you say this is good; they will take it that you have given a good word, and then standing on the integrity that you have, they act on what you have said.

You are a creative gospel music star. How do you hope to combine your tight schedules with the equally hectic world of real estate practice?

You are busy but you make time for what is important. So you are available for what is necessary and important. This is very important. If you are the face of a brand, that means you have to commit time and energy to draw attention to the brand. Thank God that God has given an open door. So investing in what one believes in, investing time is not a big deal; because one creates time for what is important.

What exactly are your responsibilities as Cedarwood Luxury brand ambassador?

As a brand ambassador, you use your social media platforms to talk about the products and services and you also avail yourself of physical activities. Also, you answer questions, direct people who are looking to invest. You actually convince people because there are people who have the money but don’t know what to do with it. Some people would not know about a property like Cedarwood Luxury Maisonette, Ikoyi. If one does not know about it, he or she may not know how to invest in it. And you want them to know about it, so you talk about it so that they will know about it. You convince people to get interested in the product and act on it.

What peck or package comes with your current status as the brand ambassador?

For me as a music minister, I must invest. So going forward real estate, as we said, is the future. Before the call came in from Dr. Julius, for us to discuss this, I was already thinking about real estate; because as a music minister, you are investing in your ministry. So if you are going to invest, you invest in the things that will not take your time away from the ministry which is your purpose in life.

What are the challenges of gospel music?

There is no peculiar challenge to the gospel music artiste. There is just a challenge to the music industry, and I think a lot of that is being addressed. Our number one challenge is piracy. But we are in this new age of streaming. It’s taking care of a lot of that.

What is the future of the music industry in Nigeria?

I think gospel music is the biggest platform or outlet of music producers for impact. On the other side, there is a lot of media, you are singing for yourself and you celebrate your gains. But in gospel music you celebrate Christ. Christ is eternal, anything and everything that is founded on or associated with Christ has a future. So it’s beyond all but we are just playing our roles. But the future of gospel music is even bigger because of the gospel. Music from Nigeria has become gospel music for Africa. Yes ooo; and right now it’s global, beyond Africa all to the glory of God. So the future is huge, the future is very bright.

What should your fans expect from you in the next few months?

More content because God has not stopped talking. God is always talking. There is always more; a lot more from the Lord.