Poultry farmers lament maize scarcity, high exchange rate

Poultry farmers lament maize scarcity, high exchange rate

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) says 25 million people risk losing their jobs over the crisis affecting the poultry industry.

Ezekiel Ibrahim, PAN national president, disclosed this on Saturday during the World Egg Day celebration, held in Abuja.

In January, Olalekan Odunsi, general secretary of PAN, south-west, had raised the alarm over the possible loss of 10 million jobs in the poultry business due to unavailability of maize and soya.

Speaking on Saturday, Ibrahim, represented by Onallo Akpa, PAN director general, said without urgent intervention, the current challenge may lead to a collapse of the industry.

“The poultry industry is about to collapse and if that happens, there are so many negative consequences that would affect the people,” he said.

“We are being challenged by maize scarcity and high exchange rate. People producing in other parts of the world are waiting to see the poultry industry in Nigeria collapse.

“If that happens, it is a big market for them because we have the population which will create a big market for them.

“We need the government to help look into some of the policies. We need their support to help grow the industry and, without their support, no matter the money we have to invest, we can’t really achieve much.”

Meanwhile, in May, the federal government had approved the sum of N1.63 billion for poultry farming in Borno, Plateau, Yobe and Zamfara states.