Nkechi Blessing speaks on being breadwinner of her family

Nkechi Blessing, the Nigerian actress, says she is not ashamed to be the breadwinner of her family.

The Nollywood star was reflecting on life after the demise of her mother, who passed away last month, in a touching tribute on Saturday.

In the post, Blessing said her late mother had a significant impact on her life as she taught her how to take on challenges.

“Exactly one month today I lost my Best friend..23_09_2021. A day I will never forget in a flash. Mummy you were my Back bone,i remember you called me on the 19th and said a short prayer that touched my soul. Did know you would leave 23rd? Only God knows but I promise to keep up ur legacy,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Mummy a lot of people had nice things to say about you. I am proud to be your child. Yes, you are gone but never forgotten…you taught me how to hustle like a man hence d reason a lot doubt my age because I look older due to hustle and bustle.

“I took all the insult on the gram just so you don’t lack anything..I was useless for weeks when you passed…But you said to me Nkechi stand up, don’t let my family name go down like that.

“I have a large family to take care of, yes I am the bread winner of my family a title I am not ashamed nor afraid to carry because for years I have carried it diligently and made sure both my extended family lacks noting.

“Not like I have it all together but God somehow manages to bless me to be a blessing to am everyone around me.”

Blessing also called on her late mother not to forsake her as she grapples with day-to-day activities and challenges.

“Please, my last request don’t let this people get me… the God of orphans please don’t forsake me,” she added.