Doris Ariole launches Africa’s first Christian movie streaming App

Doris Ariole launches Africa's first Christian movie streaming App
Doris Ariole

Doris Ariole, popularly known as the Storyteller, has unveiled Hadassah Christian Entertainment Network, Africa’s first Christian movie streaming App. 

HCENTV is solely focused on celebrating God’s Love and Grace through movies. The content is family friendly and inspiring. The content is not only for Christians as the movies tell universal stories of human nature.

The platform offers premium content, an online cinema experience, authentic storytelling, and global appeal. As a non-profit organisation, the platform relies on rental and donations to create more content. HCENTV is also willing to partner with sponsors, executive producers, and churches in the creation of Christian movies that can stream for a fee or free.

Doris has been in the Nollywood space for 20 years with over 80 screenplay credits. She attributes her solid foundation in storytelling to the legendary Amaka Igwe. She also reverences the world’s best story teacher, Robert Mckee, as a strong influence on her storytelling skills as she has been privileged to attend his story seminars in London and New York. Doris has directed four faith-based movies and hopes to create many more and stream them on HCENTV.

She is not limiting the content on the platform to only those created by her, HCENTV is currently accepting and reviewing faith-based content from other filmmakers.