RHOLagos Episode 6: Laura’s Fashion Show, Toyin’s 40th birthday and the unspoken reservations

RHOLagos Episode 6: Laura’s Fashion Show, Toyin’s 40th birthday and the unspoken reservations

If you have been keeping up with The Real Housewives of Lagos on Showmax, you’ll know there’s always something to look forward to with the ladies in every new episode.

The latest episode was a mix of everything, but one thing that stood out was the unspoken reservations. It seemed like most of the ladies had a lot on their minds about each other, Laura’s fashion show and the group basically, however, no one was openly saying anything.

This episode started with Laura planning her fashion show. The collection named “The Laura Ikeji and Ramoore Collection” is in collaboration with one of her best friends, Aisha. All the ladies showed up and the energy was mixed even though the show went on without any obvious “drama”, if the facial expressions and body language were to be overlooked. The ladies did not seem quite impressed with the collection and Chioma could not hold back in telling us how unimpressed she was.

Toyin, on the other hand, did not vocalise her thought on the collection, however, she was showing Chioma her own collection during Laura’s show.

Regardless of how the show went, the mother and daughter moment with Iyabo and her daughter Pricilla got everyone having baby fevers and smiling. Laura’s son, Ryan, also stole the show with his cute walk on the runway.

Also in this episode, Toyin celebrated her 40th birthday, tagged Tiannah Fortified. She went to Lagos Island to give back to the Mosque. Joined by Popular media personality, Denrele, Mariam, and Laura, she gave back to the people on the streets.

Mariam invited the ladies to her house for dinner and to have a good time and has promised to kick anyone that brings drama out. Carolyna is very aligned with that and we can’t wait to see how the dinner goes in the next episode.

If you have not watched this week’s episode, you definitely should.

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