Al-Mustapha: I will live in Sambisa forest, if I become president

Al-Mustapha: I will live in Sambisa forest, if I become president

Hamza Al-Mustapha, former aide to the late Sani Abacha, says he will end Boko Haram in six months and will stay in Sambisa forest, if he becomes the president of Nigeria.

Al-Mustapha who is running for president on the platform of the Action Alliance (AA) pledged that his administrstion will do whatever it takes to tackle insecurity in the country.

Al-Mustapha said this during an interview with BBC Hausa on Friday.

He said he will rework how the military operates and responds to security threats.

“There will be a military with renewed vigour and commitment under his administration,” he said.

“If I become the President, I will live in Sambisa; I will stay there during weekends, holidays and see if anyone will touch me. I will deal with the problem of insecurity no matter whose ox is gored.

“Look at the silly act of Boko Haram, I swear if it is not possible in 6 months to deal with them, I will demote all these senior officers and send them home. They would be prosecuted and must return the money given to them. I will probe them.

“Nigerian soldiers have now become policemen and you know how corrupt our police are. So, within these six months, I will bring sanity into the way the Nigerian military operates to be able to confront emerging security threats with renewed vigour and commitment.”