Kumuyi: Growing beard, wearing moustache could be idolatry

Kumuyi: Growing beard, wearing moustache could be idolatry

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church has warned members of his denomination that growing a beard and wearing a moustache, could make one become idolatrous.

Kumuyi also said members who refuse to give up using cosmetics and the perming of their hair, are in love with strange gods.

In a recent sermon, Kumuyi told his congregation: “The appearance of the world, the cosmetics of the world could become a god. Wanting to look like the world and dress like the world and be acceptable to the world rather than unto God, could become an idol, a strange god. The appearance that people have in the world, growing beards and moustache could become a god.

“The church is not talking about that. And since the church is not mentioning that, you say ‘I will test the waters. And I wear my beard, and I will wear my moustache. If they don’t talk, I win’. Your god is right there. But (you say) “ if the church will seriously talk about it then I am considering my membership of the church, my commitment in the church because they want to take my idol from me.’

“Well, that’s it. That’s the evidence that that thing has become so important part of you. It becomes a god. The hairdo and the perming and the things that the worldly people cannot do without.. When that becomes so important that you are saying ‘if the church ever talks about that, I am looking for another church, another assembly’. That thing has become a god. That you can give up the church you love, that you can give up the church your life depends on. That you can give up the church that has been a blessing to you in every area of your life because of that thing, that thing has become a strange god, and an idol.”