FALLOUT OF NFF ELECTION: ‘How Lagos schemed out Lagos’

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Lots of people present at the venue of the Nigeria football federation election held last Friday in Benin City, Edo State were shocked with an open display of hatred and enmity by Lagos contingent at elective congress.

The cosmetic display of friendliness among them were thrown out of the window during the south west election into the board.

During the election which was the last in the order of the election of delegates, observers, media men and other football stakeholders were surprised when the leadership of Lagos State FA were seen openly canvassing for votes for another candidate against the only Lagosian left in the race after the Lagos State FA chairman has lost the presidential ticket earlier in the election.

A concerned football stakeholder at the venue, Abubakar Umar from Nasarawa State expressed his disappointment in the leadership of Lagos FA.

Speaking after the election, “I think we all agreed that football is a unifier but with what I saw during the South West election with the Lagos State FA chairman who is also the immediate past 1st Vice president of the outgone board of NFF, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi and his vice chairman, Tade Azeez was most disappointing to say the least”.

Also, speaking is a senior journalist (name withheld) who work for a top National Newspaper said, I am surprised that when the opportunity came for Lagos State to have another representative in the new board the Lagos officials present bungled the glorious opportunity.

“Seeing what happened during the election was very disgusting. The saying of being your brothers keeper was thrown into the bin by the Lagos State FA leadership and this was too bad. What is the problem that they can’t solve within them that they have to openly display such a high degree of hatred in the public?. This a rape for democracy in Lagos and the youngman vying for that position,” the senior journalist stated.

A Northern delegate who did not want his name mentioned said, he was surprised when Seyi Akinwunmi came to him after the first round of voting and shortly before the beginning of the second round of votes boldly canvassing votes for Ganiyu Majekodumi from Ogun state instead of his Lagos State FA former board member, Gafar Liameed.

“When he approached me I said don’t worry I will vote your man thinking his was calling me because of Gafar Liameed but was shocked and utterly disappointed when he said I should vote for Majekodumi instead,” the delegate revealed.

The election has come and gone with it’s positives and negatives but the memories will linger for so long but the challenge is left with the Lagos State government to take a critical look at the outcome of the election in Benin City, Edo State.