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How we developed right beddings for enhanced human lifestyle -Morayo Beddings CEO


Olanrewaju Morayo Olaosegba’s craving for designs was fueled by her love for an enhanced human comfort. The beautiful lady says in this chanced interview how her passion to provide comforting and sustainable beddings led to the establishment of her fast-rising outfit, Morayo Beddings. Morayo discusses investing in quality fabrics, which is her business’ topmost priority. “People rate us highly for the quality of our products and we also work to make our products look beautiful in people’s homes,” she declares. Read on…


Tell us what is unique about Morayo beddings

Everything about Morayo Beddings is unique, starting from the quality, to texture, sewing and packaging of the products. We also give free tips on how to sleep better and live healthy.

Do you pick your designs or do you employ interior designers while you sew?

I do both especially when I am working on creating new collections but most times, I love to pick my fabrics myself.

Name your bedding products and tell us what fabric material is involved to make them comfortable for customers?

Our bedsheets and towels are made from the finest organic cotton materials which makes them skin friendly, comforting and enhances better sleep.

What categories of people are your beddings made for?

This is where quality and affordability come into play. Sincerely, in business, you can’t sell to everybody, but I try as much as possible to make it affordable to a large range of target customers and at the same time not compromising the quality.

Tell us about your growing up years and your future dreams.

Growing up was fun having a supportive family. My mum and dad are my biggest motivation and drive.

Tell us your full names, family and educational backgrounds.

My name is Mrs Olanrewaju Morayo Olaosegba (nee Bamiduro). I am the second child out of six children. I’m a certified microbiologist having both a Higher National Diploma and Bachelor’s degree of Science in Microbiology. This is the reason why I understand so much about human health especially in relation to microbial communities on human skin and the way they affect good sleep and healthy living of individuals. I am happily married and the union is blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I hope to further my educational pursuit to acquire more applicable knowledge in this field where I am.

What are the things you consider when making bedding designs for the comfortability of your customers?

The first thing I do is to listen to my customers’ requests and specifications and work around their preferences. Secondly, I put myself in their shoes because, if I am paying for anything then it should be worth it in terms of quality. But most importantly, I sincerely carry them along throughout the process; and to the glory of God, I haven’t had any complaints or bad reviews from any customer so far as regards the products or customer service.

How good are your fabric materials for duvet, bedsheet and pillows?

Our fabrics are made from quality cotton materials; all our patterned designs of bedsheets do not fade or shred. We have a return policy and we give money back guarantee on all products bought from Morayo Beddings. Our pillows are medical grade fibre products that support the spine during sleep. We can be reached on Instagram; @morayobeddings, on Facebook @Morayo beddings and you can chat us on What’sapp via 09129721054.

How affordable are your products; are they for all categories of buyers?

To a reasonable extent our products are available to a large range of people ranging from men to women, married, singles and even students.

What is the story behind the establishment of Morayo Beddings?

Aside from work and business, I am an indoor person, so I ensure I beautify my closet to make it look calm, welcoming and convenient for me to stay. There was a time I suffered from lack of sleep to the extent that at some point I was investing so much on sleeping pills. But they were not working on me because they were making me restless all day. It became a major cause for concern. So, one fateful day, while shopping for home essentials, I bought a new set of beddings and I used them that night. Mind you, I didn’t buy beddings because I wasn’t sleeping well, I bought them because I wanted to change the old collections that I had. You need to see how deeply and soundly I slept like a baby that night. That was how I started experimenting and I discovered that good beddings have so much to do with how comfortably you sleep. There is the saying that a sound mind is a productive mind. A sound mind can be achieved with a good sleep and even doctors recommend eight hours sleep, but how can you sleep eight hours when the conditions of the beddings are not encouraging? That was how I decided I was going to spread the good news. And contrary to the old belief that quality beddings are usually too expensive to afford, Morayo Beddings is here to let you know that at an affordable rate, you can get quality beddings to help you sleep better and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

What else do you do to support yourself aside from making beddings?

I am also into events. A baker precisely (Morayo cakes and pastries). I make delicious cakes and mouth watering pastries for all kinds of events.

Have you considered taking your brand to trade fairs or going into partnership with similar outfits for promotional purposes?

Yes, we are working on collaboration and partnership with other bigger brands.

What is your ultimate target as beddings maker?

The ultimate goals are to positively impact people’s lives by providing quality bedding products, towels and fibre pillows that enhance good sleep and support a healthy lifestyle. The goals are also to create a means of generating extra income for the interested populace that wish to start beddings businesses on a low budget and to also ensure affordability with quality.

How would you advise young women who wish to take you as a role model?

Well, I am not there yet but I am not where I used to be. It is good to try your hands on different things and stick to what works for you. Generating extra income aside from the nine to five daily job is not a bad idea. It only takes determination and hard work. The only crime you can commit against yourself is not trying at all. With prayers, hard work and consistency, we will all get to that enviable top list. We are an officially recognized business and we promise to deliver quality at all times. We are open to supply beddings to homes, hotels, school hostels. You can also use our bed sheets and towels as souvenirs at events.

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