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Showmax debuts content from top TikTok content creators


Showmax Nigeria has announced the release of the top five most hilarious videos from the TikTok Naija Comedy Festival, exclusively available on the platform.

On November 10, 2022, Showmax Nigeria teamed up with TikTok to host the Naija Comedy Festival, an event designed to showcase the best up-and-coming comedy talents in Nigeria. The partnership brought together the best and brightest rising comedians from Nigeria to showcase their talents and compete for the chance to win amazing prizes from TikTok and Showmax, respectively.

The competition was a huge success, garnering over 13 million views on the hashtag #NaijaComedyFestival as comedy fans tuned in to watch the competition unfold. The 15 contestants, who had been selected from a pool of hundreds of entries, were narrowed down by a panel of judges, with the top five performers receiving a mentoring session from Mr. Macaroni, one of Nigeria’s most popular comedians.

“The top five include: Ndah Kerim (@BrodaWest), Peter Odeh (@funnymrpeter), Oni Daniel Oluwagboyega (@donixco), Ediri Egwolo (@mamaejiro1) and Paschal Chukwuebuka Nwokocha (@wakawaka_comedian).

For the top five winners, the mentorship session with Mr. Macaroni was a valuable opportunity to learn from one of Nigeria’s most successful comedians. They received insights into the industry, including tips on developing their craft, promoting their content, and building a strong following.

As part of the incentives for being in the top five, Showmax promised to publish the content on its platform. It is now available for viewers to enjoy on the platform.

The event is part of Showmax’s commitment to supporting the Nigerian creative industry by providing a platform for emerging and established creatives to showcase their work and bring the best of Nigerian entertainment to audiences worldwide.

To watch the Naija Comedy Festival’s Top 5 content, visit

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