Why I’m passionate about housing for all -Oluwatosin Sanusi, MD 5klandlord

Why I’m passionate about housing for all -Oluwatosin Sanusi, MD 5klandlord
Oluwatosin Sanusi

One of the basic fundamental needs of a common man on earth is housing, if housing challenges is solved in the life of a man, the other issues are minor and can be easily taken care of, and so the issue of housing should therefore not be left alone in the hand of the government but also with private involvement.

To this background, one prominent young Nigerian who is so passionate about housing for all said it is better private entrepreneur compliment the effort of the government in providing housing at affordable price for Nigerians.

Speaking in a live Radio show recently the Managing Consultant for Resau Citation Investment Ltd and Project Co-ordinator of 5klandlord Sanusi Oluwatosin, analyzed that with the frequent high rate of migration of people from the rural area to urban area, there is always tendency of shortage of housing therefore it is only the influenced one that can afford the little number of available housing, the young entrepreneur said he will always encourage private participation for the provision of housing for all.

Sanusi further stated that, the management of Resau Citation Investment Ltd has carefully examine housing problem in some major cities in the country particularly Lagos state which is there major focus for the kick-off of 5klandlord remarked, that the project 5k landlord is born out of his passion for all Lagosians to be dependent when it comes to the issue of housing.

On how the 5k Landlord will work out, Mr. Sanusi explained that with an initial deposit of 5000, you are already close to be a landlord, he stated further that, immediately you purchased form from there company with 5k, you instantly win a prize this will confirm you as a landlord, but you must abide with the terms and condition of payment.

On the grand prize of travelling to Dubai with all paid travelling expenses, Mr. Sanusi also explained that the 5k mega promo is born out of his passion for housing, he said he want many Nigerians to benefit and win from the 5k landlord project, whereby you buy a land in Ibeju Lekki, Ikorodu and other location in Lagos state managed by Resau Citation Investments Ltd starting with 5000 as your initial payment, he explained further that the deposit of 5000 naira will also give you entitlement to win various instant prize immediately you purchase the forms following the term and condition, he said additional deposit will attract raffle ticket to boost your chances of winning. You will keep your raffle ticket for the mega draw to win big, the grand Prize, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, all benefit by Resau citation investments.

In his advice to the government on the way out for housing challenges in some of the urban cities in the country, Mr. Oluwatosin Sanusi said Government should allocate more budget to housing and encourage rural development across the nation, he said if the rural areas are developed, provided with the basis need of life, the influx of the rural to urban movement will be reduce, he also said the most important is for the government to encourage private participation by individual entrepreneur with idea to tackle housing deficit in the country.