Every Nigeria should maintain backyard farming, GNDA boss

Chairman of a Cooperative Society, Good News Development Association (GNDA) and a farmer, Mr. Barnabas Anyanwu, has advised Nigerians to maintain backyard farming, to able them  produce little farm foods  they need at home.

Speaking at the group Annual General Meeting (AGM), Anyanwu, said that, the economy situation of the nation should motivate every Nigeria to be a farmer, no matter the level of involvement, most especially the primary farm products needed in the home.

In their three years of operations as a group, He said: “The experience has not been very easy, finding ourselves in this economy that is not favourable. But with determination and hardworking, they will continue to move forward by the grace of God.  Government has good policies but is not tackle down to the people who should benefit from it.

“Generally, it has been rough but we are still on track. We have had our products trial, where, we were able to sell our fishes, birds from the poultry, as well as the eggs. The snails are doing very well and we are farming in ten acres of land. We will increase our capacity in cassava and maize production as we have acquired over 21 acres of land.

“All these efforts are based on individuals and we are seeking support from government. Even if it is in the area of clearing our farm land for us, because it cost a lot of money. It will be great if we get support in the area of tractors,” he appealed.

Anyanwu said that they are planning to set up their foods processing factory in Lagos State, so that their farm produces wouldn’t wasted as well as adding value to the agriculture chain.

He commended Lagos State Agriculture Development Programme and British America Tobacco company for their supports and encouragements,  as well as  seeking for other organizations  in the area of trainings and technical  support.

He noted that their farm, have created employment opportunities to, youths, young men and women in Lagos State.

He appeals to the group members to keep on supporting him and the executives, as they have a vision to make their farm produce a household name in Nigeria.