Read HRH Dennis Ainabel Iseghohimen heartfelt tribute to his late father

I never travelled while I was growing up, so I watched my father grow old. Now he has travelled to another world, and the sweet part is that he waited for me to become a man before left this sinful world exactly 23rd July, 2020 (one year ago).

My father’s death is painful to me even today being one year Anniversary of his demise— God knows I would have stopped him from death if it was in my power — but he died at the right time. This is what he always wished for and prayed for, and that is one of the reasons why I call him a prophet.

My father was a prophet.
My father was a king.
My father was a lover of life, but he never fear death.

My father was a mentor.
My father was a peacemaker.

My father loved me, and I will always love him even death, I will preserve his legacy.

He never let us go hungry.
He never let me lack anything he could afford.

He protected me and my siblings.
He saw laziness as a disease and he pushed me to work hard.
He taught me why I should never look into my neighbour’s eyes and lie.

He never gave up on me, even in the days of my youthful exuberance.

My father loved to play with us.
I saw the way he took care of my mother.

He loved to feast and enjoy life.

He was a man of prayer.
He was a giver.
My father was a lover of Christ — he raised me never to miss Sunday Mass.

My father loved animals and flowers. Each time I feel tears rolling down my cheek, I always remind myself of his prayer: the way he planned to travel out of this world to a beautiful, stress-free place with lots of flowers and friendly animals.

My father was a hero, and he remains a hero as long as I carry his last name.

He is now with my ancestors, and I know he won’t stop protecting me.

Father! You are never far from me. In my heart, I keep a little box of memories I created about you. You will never be forgotten.

Rest in power,
HRH Engr. Nicholas Ebosemare Iseghohimen
The Agbaka Of Idumuede . Rest well, MY FATHER.

From Your Loving Son,
HRH Dennis Ainabel Iseghohimen